Turkish Citizenship Law

The Turkish Citizenship Law has been amended exceptionally for foreign investors by owning a property or several properties in Turkey worth a minimum of $ 250,000

Decision no. 5901

After the new law which was issued in 19 September 2018 allows any foreigner except certain nationalities to obtain the Turkish nationality directly within a period no more than three months

Executive Steps

after identifying the property or properties that want to own, which exceeded $ 250 thousand dollars we will do the followings :

first : Property Evaluation

The property should be evaluated by authorized evaluators of the Title deed office and the Turkish government. The real estate evaluator will prepare a full report of the property to title deed department providing all legal licenses of the building or project, number of apartments in each floor, interior and exterior photos with the dimensions of the evaluated property and also the evaluated price will be mentioned for the property or number of properties purchased should not be less than 250,000 usd

Second : Registering the full amount by bank transfer

If you own from a construction company or from the owner, you must register the entire purchase value on the title deed or Tapu . The amount must have been transferred to the seller by bank transfer so that these bank slips will be attached to the file of title deed

Third : commitment not to sell the property within three years

Before issuing the title deed we must add a commitment not to sell the property within three years which called in Turkish language Şerh in this case the final title deed or deeds will be issued

Forth : certificate of conformity

we will request a document from title deed office called in Turkish language Uygunluk belges which means that you met all conditions from title deed office regarding property ownership


Turkish Citizenship

After finishing the procedures regarding the title deed department we will head the Department of Naturalization and do the followings :

First : Residence Permit for Investors

Applying for Investor residence permit for the property owner and no need for all family , pointing that this residence permit is especially for citizenship application , for example if we have a touristic or real estate residence permit you need to replace them to investor residence permit in order to apply for citizenship , so we will handle the application of this residence permit with 4 personal photos to the Department of Naturalization and will issue this residence within a maximum period of 30 days

Second : Applying for Turkish Citizenship

After issuing investor residence permit we will be ready to apply for Turkish citizenship with all family members of course which will be granted for husband , wife and children under 18 years old by requesting :

  1. Non-conviction certification for husband and wife
  2. birth certification for children
  3. Marriage contract or family certificate
  4. Four personal pictures of each person

Third : Decision of citizenship within 45 to 60 days

the decision of obtaining the citizenship stamped by the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey will be granted, then we will go to the civil registration department to issue the Turkish identical cards and give fingerprints