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7 Reasons to Visit Turkey in Winter

Why Should You Visit Turkey in Winter?

The enchanting beauty of Turkey does not age at any season, as it vibrates with life throughout the year. Turkey enjoys a moderate climate even during the winter, its winter conditions are ideal, as the winters in it are not frigid and freezing like the winter of European countries, but rather cool enough to feel the fresh breeze outside. Heating systems are available in most places and tourist spots. Although many prefer to visit Turkey in the summer, we still find individuals who want to visit Turkey during the winter. Have you ever wondered what is the secret behind it? Why do they prefer coming in the winter and what amusing do they find that pushes them to come? In this article, we will take you on a tour to discover the secrets and motives of visiting Turkey in the winter season, the tour is characterized by the chilly breeze with a cup of a traditional warm drink in your hands, we will make you live the winter vibes with us. Clench your grip on the cup, deeply inhale the aroma of the warm steam rising from it, and let us see together those reasons.


  1. Uncrowded Places

Turkey witnesses a high turnout of tourists in the summer season, especially when the crowding reaches its peak. But you will not encounter this problem in the winter. You will enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You will not find it difficult while booking your favorite hotel. There are no long lines of crowds waiting for you in front of the monuments and museums. You will feel as if you have rented these places for yourself alone. Less waiting means more time, which allows you to use this time in various activities.


  1. Prices Drop to Their Lowest Level

In the winter season, everyone competes to provide discount offers, starting with prices of airline tickets, hotels reservations, touristic trips, and many others. You will notice a significant reduction in the costs compared to the expenses if you come at another time of the year. Besides, in the winter season, New Year discounts are a great opportunity to shop and acquire various types of possessions that you may want to buy. The task of buying gifts will become enjoyable due to the plenty of products available at reasonable prices in this season, which will make you save a lot of money.


  1. Snow Skiing

If you live in hot areas where snow does not fall during the winter. It is now your chance to practice and try different winter sports. Several ski areas might be interesting for you. Such as those available in ski resorts near Antalya, Uludag Mountain in Bursa City, or in Kartepe, where it is close to Istanbul, and only an hour and a quarter away.


  1. Traditional Winter Food & Drinks

What is more delicious than chestnut taste while walking in the Taksim area in Istanbul during the winter season! Or sipping from a hot cup of traditional orchid drink while looking at the falling snow (Orchid: a hot, creamy drink made from the picturesque orchid flower). The idea of extracting a drink from an orchid is a common matter in many countries, including Turkey. Not to mention the various popular foods that Turkey is famous for, adding a special taste and feeling in this season.


  1. Health & Medical Tourism

Turkey's reputation for health and beauty treatments is well known for the most. Medical tourism in Turkey is not only a pioneer in the Middle East; It ranks third after the United States and South Korea in this field. And winter may be the best season for those procedures, taking advantage of the lack of crowding and the offers made by beauty centers in this season. If having medical or plastic surgery is not your intention, recreation in modern and professional spas may be a wonderful idea for you. These spas provide hot and cold-water therapy, massages, and skin treatments which are the best self-care activities.


  1. Visit Cities You Might Miss in the Summer

During the summer season, the majority tend to prefer coastal cities that are characterized by beaches and the joy of the sunlight, and due to lack of time, this may be reflected in wasting the opportunity to visit other charming and historic cities, there lies an additional answer behind the secret of people coming to Turkey in the winter so that they can see other cities they could not visit before.

Not to mention that the famous cities like Istanbul and Cappadocia have a different perspective in the winter that makes you feel you are visiting a completely different city from the one you are used to.


  1. Enjoying the Hot Sulphur Springs Resorts

Relax and prepare for recreation in the hot sulfur springs, which are springs whose waters flow from the depths of the earth in a hot way to form a group of therapeutic lakes and the hot springs arise from the infiltration of surface water resulting from snow and rain into the ground.

One of the benefits of these springs is that they relax the muscles of the body and help it expand blood vessels thanks to hydrogen sulfur, which is a factor in raising the temperature of these springs.

The most famous places of hot springs in Turkey are in Bursa, where among all Turkish cities, Bursa possesses the highest number of these springs and has become one of the most important tourist attractions. A large number of tourists visit it annually It contains Oylat cave and its springs, the third-largest cave in Turkey, extending to 665 meters in the depth of the mountain. Other cities contain Sulphur hot springs such as Yalova and Sandakli. And if you are looking for Sulphur water in Istanbul, you can visit the springs in Tuzla, located in the Marmara Sea region, close to Sabiha Airport.