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What Makes Retirement in Turkey a Good Decision?

Retirement in Turkey and Its Advantages:

Retirement is an essential stage in every person's life, after dedicated work that lasted for many years, including professional and social achievements. Time to relax a little and take a deep breath. Some mistakenly think that it is a boring monotonous phase. However, it is nothing but the beginning of a new transitional life stage full of self-discovery and mindfulness. Consequently, the chosen place for retirement must be carefully chosen to enjoy this new era.

Many foreign retirees prefer to come to Turkey to settle down and retire there. Among the most important reasons for this decision is that the average cost of living that is Turkey is quite low. In recent years, many foreign nationalities, and on top of them the British, Germans, and Russians, have come to buy holiday homes and retirement homes in the Mediterranean region and the coasts overlooking the Aegean Sea to enjoy the wonderful combination of beautiful beaches and stunning natural landscapes

The general trend was to buy real estate in the southwestern cities of Turkey and retire there. However, we met a foreign expatriate named Mr. Arthur, who is 71 years old, of British nationality, who preferred to retire in Istanbul, Turkey, rather than in the southwestern cities. In this article, we will highlight the reasons why Turkey is the best country for retirement. With the help of statistics and the sharing of Mr. Arthur's personal experience on the matter.


What makes retirement in Turkey a good decision?

  1. The Financial Aspect:

Although materialism is not everything, we live in the realm of the money that drives it. Mr. Arthur points out that his pension is barely enough at home. Which prompted him to search for alternative places where the monthly living expenses are relatively small. "I pay very little on my water, electricity, and gas bills as well as health care costs that give me peace of mind," adds Mr. Arthur. And since he now lives in his house, which he bought recently here in Istanbul, he does not pay any monthly rent. He added that he found apartment prices affordable compared to those in his home country.


  1. Social Lifestyle

I have lived in Birmingham City for a long time, although it is a big city it is a bit cold socially. I wanted to change this lifestyle. Therefore, I didn't want to move to a very quiet city to the point of boredom. Arthur added Istanbul was my best choice. The perfect mix of ancient and modernity. Besides, it is calm and full of life at the same time. Mr. Arthur owns an apartment in the Beylikduzu district of Istanbul and has indicated that it is lively enough to feel that you are not living alone and far from the crowded city center. We asked him if he found it difficult to adapt to the new culture and communicate with people in this city. He replied, "Yes, I found some difficulties in communicating at first, as not everyone here speaks English, but in Istanbul, the percentage of English speakers is higher compared to other cities and there are many foreigners who speak it."


  1. The Warm Weather of Turkey

The Four Seasons has never felt as great as it has here! I have lived in a freezing region for a long time of my life, so a warm and mild climate was an important criterion in choosing the country where I would retire. Mr. Arthur adds I would like to walk in the sun and acquire vitamin D naturally because I am tired of taking it in capsules. Plus, sports activity is important to me at this stage and I do not want bad weather to be an obstacle to me from walking outside


  1. Food in Turkey

There was a broad smile on Mr. Arthur's face as we started talking about the subject. He seems to be a gourmet with great taste. Then he said: "I am a Turkish food lover. The Turkish coffee here is a little strong compared to the black coffee in my country, but it seems that I have started to get addicted to it" Then he added that fruits and vegetables are fresh and tempting in Turkey, as tomatoes taste very tender here compared to the taste of dry tomatoes in his country.

What about food prices in Turkey? we asked. "You can eat up to satiety for less than 10 euros", he replies. The food here is very delicious and cheap with a variety of food from both eastern and western cuisines.


  1. Travel and Discover New Cities

Turkey's strategic location at the center of the world map makes it easier to travel. This enables those in the retirement era and wishing to travel in this period to see many local and international cities through short-time flights while avoiding the trouble of long travel.


The challenges of retirement in Turkey:

Just as retirement in Turkey has many incentives, there are some challenges that newcomers may face to live and retire in Turkey. For example, the cultural difference and the language barrier. We asked Mr. Arthur if he faced these obstacles and he replied: "At first I did, but for a long time before I started to make new friends. "Studies also indicate that trying to learn a new language reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and memory disturbances.