2019-08-29 12:15:41

Buying property in Turkey is more important than some other countries

The right price: In Turkey there are many good real estate for very reasonable prices, which allowed its real estate market to be better than the European real estate market, which has very high prices, Turkey offers real estate with good decorative properties and marble floors and beautiful bathrooms for very reasonable prices money Who can buy a one bedroom apartment in the United States You can buy a four bedroom villa in many famous Turkish cities.


Climate: Turkey has a warm climate, the sun in this country hardly leave and rays provide the body with vitamin (D) The beautiful Turkish climate is one of the reasons why people fall in love with Turkey and want to spend their lives there.


Property in Turkey suites all budgets: There are many real estate to suit all budgets in Turkey, depending on your budget you can choose what suits you and even the finest houses in Turkey cost only a fraction of what you may pay in a property in European countries.


Cheap living costs: Turkey has cheap living costs in terms of water, electricity, gas, maintenance, food and drink, grocery stores, even transportation and the cost of gasoline, which are absent in other countries.


Inheritance Tax: In countries such as the UK, if you wish to transfer your property to your loved ones you will be charged a tax of up to 20%. In Turkey there is no inheritance tax policy where the Turkish government exempts the families of foreign property owners living in Turkey from paying inheritance tax on any Their origins in Turkey.


Right to own property: In Turkey you have freehold rights on your Turkish property no matter what it is possible to sell it at your own time without any restrictions.


 Turkish Citizenship By Real Estate Investment : The Turkish Citizenship Law has been amended exceptionally for foreign investors by owning a property or several properties in Turkey worth a minimum of $ 250,000 to obtain Turkish citizenship within 3 months maximum period for the investor and his family (husband, wife and children under 18).


Resdidence Permit: Residence permit in Turkey is very easy and does not impose on residents a number of complex conditions and restrictions such as European countries.Once you buy property in Turkey and registered in your name you are immediately eligible to apply for a residence permit in Turkey and you can get a tourist visa with ease You want to stay in the country.


There are a number of Turkish airports available all year round which are easily accessible and there are also a number of regular trains linking major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Taxis are all cheap


Turkey's great history: Turkey combines many ancient cities dating back thousands of years, including cities dating back to the Roman Empire and newer dating back to the Ottoman Empire and all these historical cities are found throughout Turkey, such as the magnificent caves in Cappadocia and the ruins of the Temple of Ephesus and the Greek ghost town and other The ancient evidence is still witness to the ancient eras that inhabited the country.