2019-08-08 12:16:39

Take a look at the new Camlica Tower The tallest tower in Istanbul is 365 meters

The construction of the new radio and television broadcasting tower is nearing completion, Turkey's tallest tower, which sits atop Camlicaa Hill in the Asian section known as Brides Hill.

The tower will have four landscaped floors, with floors 39-40 dedicated to restaurants, and floors 33 and 34 will be dedicated to balconies from which to see the most important sights of the city such as the Bosphorus Bridge, the Old Peninsula and Princess Islands. In addition to places dedicated to exhibitions, panoramic elevators and cafes.
The geometric design of the tower is distinctive so that its shape changes according to the viewing angles from different directions throughout the city.
Chamlica Hill is the most important hills of the city of Istanbul seven, located in the Asian part of it, and the Turkish government discovered the importance of this hill for tourism, especially as it overlooks most of Istanbul, so it bought the area filled with pine trees in 1980, and set up a cafe, restaurant and a lounge to receive visitors and tourists, It became an important landmark and attraction for them, and a popular haven for the people of Istanbul.