2019-06-23 15:46:17

The Number Of Foreign Investors who Granted Turkish Citizenship Has Been Revealed

The Directorate General of Population and Nationality of Turkey revealed the number of foreigners who obtained Turkish citizenship after the date of their grant.

Turkish nationality was obtained 977 foreign investor, after the amending on the law of granting citizenship to investors.

The Iranian investor was ranked first in obtaining Turkish nationality at the beginning of 253 citizens. It came in second place with 143 Iraqi prisoners, third with Yemeni nationality and 97 with nationality.

Palestinian investors ranked sixth among Turkish nationals, 58 were registered, followed by Jordanians with 57, and Egyptian citizens with 45.

The number of applicants for Turkish citizenship since the approval of 2,700 foreign investors, estimated

The Turkish nationality is granted to foreigners through three basic methods of investment and purchase of real estate.

And the price of 500 thousand US dollars in a Turkish bank, or invest a fixed amount of 500 thousand US dollars.


Turk Press