2019-08-10 12:49:57

The Opening of Ankara-Tehran Railway

The Tehran-Ankara railway was opened during a ceremony in the Iranian capital. The train journey will start every Wednesday at 21:50 in Iran time and will take 60 hours to reach Ankara on Saturday morning. The first flight started last Wednesday.

Another railway was opened between Tehran and the Turkish city of Van on June 24.

The Iranian authorities announced on June 2nd that it had been agreed with the Turkish government to launch a railway between the capitals Tehran and Ankara and between Tehran and the Turkish city of Van.

The director of the Iranian Railway Company, Saeid Rasouli, said that it was a final agreement to launch a railway between Ankara and Tehran during the visit of an Iranian delegation to Ankara recently. Where a train from Tehran to Ankara is scheduled to move weekly and vice versa from Ankara to Tehran.

Passengers cross Lake Van by ferry and then continue the journey by Turkish train to Ankara.