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Beylikdüzü is a beautiful modern suburb in the European side of Istanbul, with a view of Marmara Sea from one side, and Büyükçekmece Bay from another side, bordered by Avcılar region from the east, and Esenyurt region from the north.
Its population is 315 thousand, and its area is 360 square kilometers.

Beylikdüzü has increased in popularity over the past few years, and it became an important region for real estate investment due to many reasons such as its location, and its soil nature that helps to build huge towers and residential buildings, in addition to its beautiful administrative organization.

Transportation Network in Beylikdüzü:

It contains multiple and fast transportation networks that connect the area with other regions in Istanbul:

- Metrobus line is available 24 hours, and it has 5 stations along the line starting from Hadimkoy, Cumhuriyet Mahallesi, Beylikdüzü municipality, Beylikdüzü.

- Public buses directly from Beylikdüzü to Taksim, and to other regions in Istanbul.

- Ferries from Marmara port to Avcilar, and the Eminonu regions.

- The first metro station in the region will be opened in a year.

Social Facilities in Beylikdüzü:

Beylikdüzü region is one of the leading regions on the scientific level in Istanbul as according to statics, 40% of its population are upper and educated classes, so the region contains all facilities starting from international, Arab, and Turkish schools, private and governmental universities, in addition to health centers and hospitals provide treatment services at the highest level.

- Universities: Ibn Al-Nafees Science and Technology University - Beykent University – Fatih University – Okyanus University

- Schools: International Cambridge School – Palestinian Al-Fanar School - Tulip International School - Baghdad National School

As for Turkish schools, there is Imam Al-Khatib school and more than 30 public or private schools which include all education stages.

- Hospitals: Beylikdüzü Governmental Hospital which has the best treatment technologies, Medicana and Medi Life Private Hospitals, Gulpinar Hospital

There are also many health centers and clinics distributed in all the Beylikdüzü neighborhoods.

Shopping Malls in Beylikdüzü:

Among the most famous malls and shopping centers in Beylikdüzü is Marmara Park Mall, which is one of the largest malls in Istanbul, and contains various international and local brands.
Perla Vista Mall is the closest to Beykent Metro Station, and Migros Mall.

There are also traditional markets called (bazaars) distributed in the region neighborhoods, containing everything necessary for the people such as food, clothes, household items, at good prices that suit everyone.

Touristic places in Beylikdüzü:

Sultan Suleiman Palace:
 Or (Al Khan Al Rasasi), which is one of the most important historical monuments that show the nobility and originality of Ottoman architecture, it was called “Rasasi” because its roof is made of original lead.

Büyükçekmece Bridge: It was designed by the architect Sinan in 1566, it passes over Büyükçekmece lake, but now it is not intended for modern transportation.

Tepecik Camlik Park: This park is the best choice for holidays, with an area of 45 dunums, and it contains sports fields.

Büyükçekmece Coast/Beach: it is the longest car-free coast in Istanbul, extending 26 km to the Sea of Marmara, contains many services, security and rescue teams, and there are many resorts, villas, and residential complexes close to this coast.

Wadi Al Hayat Park: It is a number of connected parks expanded on large areas, contains free children's games, waterfalls, and fountains.
Inside this park, there is also a private garden called the Japanese Garden, which contains traditional Japanese huts, in addition to large filtered pools with colorful fishes in them.

Real Estate Investment in Beylikdüzü:


Previously, investors were not interested in Beylikdüzü, as it was away from the center and its infrastructure was still in its infancy.
But today it is more organized, and full of high-quality urban development compared to other areas in Istanbul, it become a vital and important area, even the real estate market is characterized by competitive prices, and more suitable to investors.

Here are the most important features of Beylikdüzü which make it one of the most important investment areas in Turkey:

- Its magnificent location, includes two views, one on the Marmara Sea, and the other on Büyükçekmece Bay.

- New vital projects in it such as the port on Marmara Coast, the new metro line, and Istanbul Canal which will Increase the region importance, and real estate prices after its completion.

- Its tourism, service, social, and entertainment facilities provide services to all its residents

- It's organized construction expansion, as it is full now of earthquake-resistant buildings in its wide streets.

According to these reasons above, if the investors bought real estate there before the completion of building these projects, after a few years they will see an amazing difference in the values, and prices of real estate in Beylikdüzü, as a lot of big villas, high-quality residential complexes, and investment projects have been built in this region, with low prices compared to the rest regions of Istanbul, and suitable for all who aim to invest or live in Istanbul.

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