Project Vira Istanbul ... A pioneering and outstanding project among the best residential projects in Istanbul



Residential projects in Istanbul have recently gained popularity and significant progress, especially after the end of the ban due to the CORONA virus. By following up the latest statistics, we will note the vitality of the Turkish real estate market and the remarkable progress witnessed in this field, which indicates that the real estate market in Turkey has succeeded in providing an excellent opportunity for those wishing to acquire property in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular.




In our article today we will get to know one of the most important and best residential projects in Istanbul, namely the Vira Istanbul project where we will show the most important characteristics of the project that distinguish it from the rest of the residential projects Wich currently exist: 


  • Project Advantages: The Most Important Highlights of the Vira Project
  • Table showing details of the complex's property
  • What are the most important descriptions of the Vira residential project in Istanbul?
  • What distinguishes Vira Istanbul from other residential projects?
  • How are apartments and shops distributed in the Vira Istanbul project?
  • What are the most important services we can find in the Vira Istanbul project?


Project advantages:


  • Gardens and green spaces
  • Gardens and play areas for children
  • Turkish bath
  • Sauna
  • Reception and query service
  • 24-hour camera security and surveillance service
  • Super Act
  • Shopping mall
  • Outdoor pool open
  • Indoor swimming pool closed
  • restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Tennis/basketball courts
  • Shopping areas for everyday items
  • Underground parking
  • Gym
  • Sports and Health Club
  • Spa
  • Smart Home System


Project properties:


Number of rooms


Number of bathrooms



 70        m2




127 to 137      m2




199      m2




200       m2






What are the most important descriptions of the Vira residential project in Istanbul?


Located in the beylıkdüzü region, the Vira Istanbul project is located on a land of 92,000 square meters and consists of 17 buildings with a modern and attractive design. It takes only 5 minutes to the Marina, and the resort is attached to it. It and only 8 minutes from the E5 main road and only about 12 minutes from the International Road TEM.


What distinguishes Vira Istanbul from other projects?

Because of its presence in the Area of Beylikdüzü, which is known for its residents' sophistication and the purity of its atmosphere due to its green spaces. It is also close to the metro bus line, which facilitates access to the city's center and vital facilities of schools, universities, and hospitals, also we should mention the availability of services and shopping malls (Marmara Park, 5M Migros, Torium, Perla vista).


How apartments and shops are distributed in the Istanbul Vira project:


As mentioned earlier, the project consists of 17 towers with a total of 1,159 apartments and 31 shops where the order of the apartments is divided between 1 +1, 1+2, 1+3, 1+4, which has large areas within it with distinct finishes in addition to the presence of a wide balcony for each apartment.

What are the most important services you can find in the Vira Istanbul project?

The project services include internal project services consisting of sauna rooms, a separate Turkish bathroom for men and women, open and closed swimming pools as well as a gym, outdoor cinema, and children's play areas.

The parking yard is spread over two underground floors and each apartment of 1+1 or 1+2 has parking for one car, while each apartment of 1+3 or 1+4   has parking for two cars.

The public transport service is available in all its forms and to all neighboring areas in addition to the sea taxi station that will open soon, which will save a lot of time and traffic congestion.


In this article, we tried to highlight the remarkable progress in the Turkish real estate market this year, as we tried to explain the most important descriptions and features of the Vira Istanbul residential project in addition to the most important services provided by the project. So, do you think that the time has become right to acquire your apartment distinguished in this distinctive project?










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