The Ancient Historical Heritage Icon in Istanbul Eyup


Eyup region at the European side of Istanbul is characterized by its geographical location in the heart of the city, and its closeness to tourist areas such as Fatih, Taksim, and Şişli, as it extends from the Golden Horn to the Black Sea beach, with an area of 223.78 square kilometers, and 345,790 population.

it is a center of the ancient historical heritage, as it contains many historical places which are visited by tourists from all over the world, and also, it has a great religious significance as the region is crowded with Muslim visitors from all over the world, especially during Friday prayers, and in Ramadan month.

its name (Eyup) is due to the presence of the mausoleum, and the mosque of Sultan Abo Ayoub Al-Ansari it which is an important touristic place in Istanbul.

Transportation In Eyup:

There are big transportation networks in the region, such as the metro line, the Metrobus line, the public ferry station, and many busses ... which save Eyup residents time and effort, and allow them to go easily to another area in Istanbul.
In addition to the cable cars (Telefrik), which is starting from the side of the Ayoub Mosque to the highest hill in the region.

The Historical Places In Eyup:

Sultan Ayoub Mosque:
Sultan Ayoub Mosque is one of the most famous historical buildings in Turkey in general, and Istanbul in particular where the Ottoman sultans were crowned in it by the blessing of Sultan Abo Ayoub Al-Ansari.
The mosque is located on a hill which is one of the most beautiful hills in Turkey, and it was named after the poet Pierre Loti because of its charming views on the Golden Horn coast, and the city of Istanbul.

Eyup Garden:
as it is the most famous garden in Eyup, which is characterized by the diversity of trees and flowers in it at all times, and that makes the residents feel calm and peaceful.

Pierre Loti cafe and Telefrik:
There is Telefrik in the region which connects between the Golden Horn Beach and Pierre Loti station, as the visitors can enjoy a charming view over the hill, and visit the famous cafe Pierre Loti.

As this cafe was named according to the French writer Pierre Loti who loved to sit in it and he wrote two novels while he was in Istanbul.

Via Land
It is one of the largest amusement parks and shopping centers in Istanbul.

Service Facilities In Eyup:

The region contains a lot of shopping centers that include international brands, cafes, and restaurants.. such as:
- Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall
- Axis Mall
In addition to its large popular markets, and bazaars.

The most important schools and universities in Eyup are:
- Amjad Al-Orouba school which
- The Turksih Zinda school
- Haliç university
- Ayvansaray university
- Bilgi university

Eyup hospitals:
- Eyup Governmental Hospital
- Balat Private Hospital

And for all the reasons above, Eyup is one of the most famous touristic destinations in Istanbul, and one of the most beautiful historical regions characterized by its Islamic nature, and tourists always come to it from all over the world

But when someone plans to buy an apartment in Turkey, he should give priority in his search to the location... such as Eyup region which has a perfect location that meets the demands of many customers, as it is located 30 minutes to Istanbul's third airport, and 25 minutes from Taksim Square.

The apartments built in Eyub are very suitable to live in, especially by conservative families because Eyup is a safe area, and its public culture is similar to the Arab’s, as well as the link with the Islamic history of the region.

And the new buildings there are surrounded by many facilities such as gardens, restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers ... in addition to that the apartments in those new buildings have balconies with a view of the sea, or on the ancient Istanbul.

So the demand for Eyup by construction and real estate companies has increased recently, as it is a residential area for families who want to settle in Istanbul.

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