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ISTHOMES is a leading real estate marketing and consulting company in Turkey, characterized by good relations with the most famous construction companies, which guarantees its exclusive real estate offers from these companies, in addition to keep updating the latest developments of the Turkish laws that related to foreign investment in the real estate sector.

7 years of experience in the Turkish real estate market, which enables it to provide all necessary services to its clients to complete their purchase process in an easy, and secure way through a clear legal framework.

And because of ISTHOMES long experience in real estate market, its clients trusts, and the multiplicity of its services... it was able to achieve many successes, and gained a good reputation inside, and outside Turkey.


We see that by building long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust, and by providing them advices and useful information about real estate according to their demands, we maintain our position as the best choice for real estate clients and investors.
And this motivate us to develop our services permanently, until we become one of the best real estate companies in Turkey.


We look forward to serve our customers, save their time and efforts, and fulfill our duty towards them in the most professional and safe manner.
Also, we commit to provide them with the highest level of service through the provision of reliable real estate consultancy, and develop the expertise of our team for the benefit of our clients.


Commitment and responsibility in all details from the first contact with our client, understand his request, give him the best offer in terms of region and price.

Trust and honesty, as we provide our clients detailed information about real estate, and areas before making the purchase decision, in addition to maintaining the confidentiality of their data.

Developing our services permanently in order to our customer’s demands.


We offer our clients a varied real estate choices that includes more than 120 real estate projects from various Turkish construction companies in all regions of Istanbul, in addition to villas, offices, and individual properties offers for sale by the owners.

Because of our specialized real estate consultants, we answer all our customers inquiries and questions clearly and accurately, and we provide them the best offers ... Then our highly expeienced area team accompany them on a property viewing tour to visit the areas, and check the offers to ensure that the client will choose the appropriate property that achieves his residential or Investment goals.

Besides, our after sales team we help our client with the decoration and furniture of the apartment, marketing the property in order to save his time, secure his investment, and ensure the growth of the highest possible return on his investment.


We have all kinds of real estate "ready to move" or "under constructor" complexes:

- Apartments for living with varied views, areas and high quality finishing.

- Investment units, such as home-offices or hotel apartments in central locations.

- Private or attached villas, with sea view, and luxurious life style.

- Commercial shops, and offices in vital areas.

ISTHOMES puts in your hands plenty of options which guarantee leading you to live or start your business investment in The New Center Of The World, Istanbul.

Experience, Professional work, and the best offers... are only for you to achieve your investment goals…!





What our clients say about us?

  • “Dr. Riads experience in Acquiring the Turkish Citizenship through real estate investment with ISTHOMES.”
    2020-01-20 16:28:35
  • “Our Clients experience in Acquiring the Turkish Citizenship within 90 days.”
    2019-06-24 00:11:26
  • “An investors experience in Acquiring the Turkish Citizenship within 75 days with us.”
    2019-10-12 13:32:53
  • “Clients experience with ISTHOMES real estate services”
    2019-09-03 13:35:45