8 Things you Must Know about Istanbul


8 Things you Didn't Know About Istanbul will Surprise You!

On the land of this charming city, you walk through its streets to see the relics of the cradle of previous cultures in each corner of its neighborhoods. It is the city of Istanbul that still surprises us with its beauty. Millions of people come to this city annually either for tourism or to live in it. This city attracts many people of all nationalities and ages, many students, retirees, and investors. In this article, we will discuss the most important things that newcomers to Istanbul may need to be aware of.


Residence in Istanbul:

Obtaining a visa or residency in Turkey is easy for most nationalities and there are many options available such as tourist residency, investment residency by owning properties, student residency, and others. Istanbul has a unique geographical location as it is the only city located between the European and Asian continents, and with this central geographic factor accompanied by a diversity of ethnicities from different parts of the world who live in this wonderful city.


Istanbul Working Opportunity:

Because Istanbul is an international city, many big companies are established in it. With many companies that depend on foreign exports, it is not surprising that there is a need for local Turkish and foreign workers. In addition, Turkey supports and encourages foreign companies, therefore if you want to establish your own company, you will not find any difficultly. As for the labor market, it is competitive, but those with high skills or know several languages will not find it difficult to find a job to cover their expenses. It should be noted that learning the Turkish language increases their job opportunities in Istanbul.


Istanbul Public Transportation System:

The public transportation network in Istanbul is strong and constantly developing, if you live in this city, hearing news of new construction project of some new metro line will be something very common, as there are always new projects under construction. Even those car owners use this transportation system as it provides easy access to crowded historical places and let them avoid traffic congestion in those areas.


Is Istanbul Safe?

As the case in large cities, you should be careful. This does not mean that Istanbul is not safe. In a report issued by the US Consulate: “Although Istanbul is the largest metropolitan city in Turkey, crime rates in Istanbul related to foreigners are very low". But as we mentioned earlier, you must be careful not to leave your cell phone in your back pocket in very crowded places, and keep your handbag hanging on your shoulder. Although that the Turkish police, especially at tourism places are doing wonderful job in keeping it safe.


Enjoy the Four Seasons of Istanbul:

If you are a fan of either hot or cold weather, Istanbul's moderate weather will not disappoint you, and from comments of people who lived in various countries and visited Istanbul, they all pointed out the magnificence of Istanbul's weather. It is also well known by a sudden climate change, so do not trust that bright sun, as it may be followed by a rainy cloud. There is a Turkish popular proverb that supports same thing, as it says you should not trust Istanbul's weather, as it is highly unsteady.


Buying a Property in Istanbul:

The goal behind buying a property may be different from one person to another, as some want a home for recreation in the holidays and others for living, and of course, the option to buy the property for investment is always there. The process of buying a property in Turkey is accompanied by several advantages, including the possibility of obtaining investment residency or to apply for Turkish citizenship if the property or the sum of the purchased properties are worth more than 250 thousand dollars.


Living Cost in Istanbul:

The cost of living in Istanbul is relatively acceptable, and when it is up to the cost with an approximate number, it may be difficult to estimate due to the different nature of how people spend money, but it can be said that the average cost of living in Istanbul is $650 per person and the expenses might increases as high as you want and vary from each individual to another, and many other factors like place of living.


Adaptation to Istanbul Lifestyle:

With the cultural diversity in Istanbul, several social circles were formed in specific regions, expats tend to live in touristic areas such as the municipalities of Beyoglu, Şişli, Beşiktaş, Tophane, and Maslak. You will find it easy to reach a social group that comes from a similar background of yours. Also, it is easy to find a restaurant that serves your favorite traditional food. The only obstacle in Istanbul may be the language barrier, but Turkish is an easy language to learn and has simple grammatical rules if you wanted to learn it.

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