cost of real estate investing in turkey

wonder what is the cost of real estate investing in turkey? Before making any investment, including the acquisition of real estate in Turkey, you should examine a number of concerns.
Is the property an investment worth making? Are rental yields sufficient? In the future, will it be worth increasing or decreasing?

what is the cost of real estate investing in turkey?

We don't have a crystal ball that can forecast the future with 100 percent accuracy, but you can obtain a decent picture of Turkey's economic future by considering other aspects.
One factor to examine is the Turkish lira's value relative to other currencies. For example, since 2010, the Turkish lira's value versus the U.S. dollar has decreased from 1.50 to 8.50. That is a drop of nearly 500 percent! which affects the cost of real estate investing in turkey.
The constantly declining lira has made Turkey one of the world's cheapest developing real estate markets.
Despite Turkey's standing as an upper-middle-income country, its real estate market is among the least costly in Asia.

cost of real estate investing in turkey makes sense

Istanbul is the biggest city in Turkey, home to roughly 20 percent of the country's total population. You may acquire a restored flat in the heart of Istanbul's metropolis for approximately USD 1,000 per square meter.
Compared to $6,500 per square meter in Moscow or $3,000 per square meter in Belgrade, Istanbul's property prices may seem a steal.
As in any other city, real estate prices in Istanbul fluctuate depending on the property's location. Istanbul's European side is more pricey than its Asian side.
The cheapest real estate in Istanbul is located in the Esenyurt area on the far western outskirts. Moreover, the most costly districts in Istanbul are Nisantasi and Besiktas, which have ideal city-center locations.
The issue is if you can generate a return on your investment in the future by renting or selling your home.

how good is the cost of real estate investing in turkey?

Acquiring real estate in Turkey requires considerable work, particularly for first-time buyers and large investors. The Turkish real estate industry is undergoing fast change, necessitating that all market participants comprehensively understand the sector and its future orientations. Given the abundance of information accessible on the Internet about investment or real estate in Turkey, the trustworthiness of firms that publish this information on platforms and social media accounts is called into question.
And because we believe that the role of real estate companies is to provide the correct information for those interested in real estate investment and the dissemination of investment awareness about Turkish real estate, our company, publishes educational articles about ownership in Turkey and the most crucial information that the owner needs during ownership or investment in Turkey. Therefore, this post will examine Turkey's most pervasive misconceptions regarding real estate.

what to consider in finding the cost of real estate investing in turkey?

to find the cost of real estate investing in turkey, You must research before purchasing to avoid risk and optimize return on investment. First, you should do a real estate market study of the area where you want to invest. In addition, it is vital to compare communities using measures like rental revenue, listing price, and cash return. Finally, population growth, economic development, crime rate, local news, and amenities are essential.
You will do a rental property study after locating a region and identifying listed or even off-market properties. To uncover property flaws, you must do a house inspection.
Before investing, you must ensure that it is the appropriate time of year. For instance, winter is the most fantastic time to purchase real estate since there are fewer purchasers and prices are often lower.
The second-best season to invest in real estate is in the spring, when there is an increase in properties and the real estate agent will be more attentive to you. Always research before purchasing a house, and do not wait for winter or the buyer's market to purchase once you have located the ideal home.

Real Estate Investments in Turkey - Which Cities to Invest In?

Since it was revealed that foreigners might get Turkish citizenship provided they made a particular amount of real estate investment, foreigners' desire to invest in properties in Turkey has grown.
Foreigners are interested in purchasing real estate in Turkey to use as a holiday house or rent out to make a second annual income. Turkey's progress has transformed it into a beacon attracting visitors and investors. In Turkey, however, several cities have varying advantages for real estate investment.


Istanbul and Trabzon have been ranked among Turkey's most acceptable cities for investment.

Massive metro tunnels, trams, and tourist areas contribute to these cities' economic and commercial appeal.
If you want to invest in a vacation property, Antalya is your best choice. It offers low real estate costs and is one of the most popular holiday destinations. As a result, Russians, British, and Germans are drawn to invest in Antalya real estate.
Antalya has a substantial ex-pat community, and the city center is open year-round. The pleasant year-round climate and excellent public transit make Antalya an attractive destination. Outside the city center, areas like Belek, Side, Lara Beach, and Konyaalti may provide a more relaxed way of life with golf and fishing.


Bursa is the most favored city among Middle Eastern shoppers. Bursa is the most favored city. The city boasts numerous attractions, including Ottoman structures, hot spas, gardens, historical monuments, and mountains. Bursa real estate is inexpensive year-round, but the new Osmangazi bridge has reduced commute time to Istanbul, so prices are expected to rise.
Fethiye is another place that offers good value for money. It is the most acceptable alternative for mountain and beach enthusiasts, with picturesque scenery and quaint settlements like Uzumlu. In addition, you can experience the traditional Turkish way of life and enjoy the stunning bays and beaches—a hotspot for the Fethiye expatriate community.


Bodrum, the most popular coastal region in Turkey, draws visitors with its historic ruins, castles, beaches, and resorts. With its low-rise, white-painted buildings, Bodrum evokes a classic atmosphere. The disadvantage of investing in Bodrum is that its home costs are greater than those in Fethiye. However, there are economical real estate alternatives available.

As a result of recent declines in the value of the Turkish Lira, prices are now meager for international investors. Investing in real estate in Turkey is now popular due to the variety of alternatives provided by several cities and the rising demand for domestic and international properties.

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