Best 5 Areas to live on the European Side of Istanbul



Top 5 Regions to live on the European Side of Istanbul: (Japanese Garden). Maslak:

One of the most luxurious and rich areas in Istanbul, with a long civilizational history and modern urban development. Skyscrapers with glass facades are the predominant character in that area with luxurious residential complexes, Maslak area surrounded by charming Belgrade forests from the north and Sisli and Levent area from the south and east, home to many Istanbul rich and investors from all over the world. Maslak Region has been, for long decades ago, a place for the wealthy class of society, where nobles and Sultans settled in it during the Othman era since the seventeenth century.

Features of This Region:

The percentage of educated people with college degree attainment from the population of this region is high, in addition to the divergent foreign character as it includes many investors and entrepreneurs from different countries who preferred to live in this region in particular. It has vital services and facilities in it, including hospitals, schools, universities, and shopping centers. Supported by a strong transportation network, the M2 metro, and the TEM highway pass through it, which adds investment value to this region.



Sisli is located on the European side of Istanbul and has 25 neighborhoods, bordered by Besiktas on the east, Sariyer from the north, Eyup and Kaythane from the west, and from the south, it is bordered by Beyoglu, where Taksim Square is located. Sisli is an ancient, historical, central area well known for restored monumental streets and buildings to preserve the trace of the various civilizations and backgrounds that lived here. Every neighborhood has a story. It includes ancient neighborhoods such as Kurtulus, Mecidiyekoy, and Nisantasi, and there is also Abdi Ipekci street, the most expensive street in Turkey in terms of rental rates!

Features of This Region:

Sisli is an area rich in luxury hotels and boutiques for famous fashion designers, Sisli is one of the most prestigious tourist areas of Istanbul, and it is also a destination for many tourists who want to visit Istanbul's archaeological landmarks, and it contains beautiful natural areas, gardens, and parks, in which tulips and other rare roses are grown. It is an investment area for those looking for high rental returns.



For those looking for a calm and quiet place still close to the city center, Kagithane is the best. It was previously a region for the middle class of Istanbul's residents, but with the urban expansion of the city, it became the focus of attention from investors and traders. Kagithane is surrounded by central vital areas of Sisli, Eyup Sultan, and Beyoglu. It is also characterized by picturesque gardens and water streams, which prompted people to come to it for the purpose of hiking and celebrating some occasions, just as the people of Istanbul celebrated the spring day called (Khidr Elias) and relaxed under the shade of its trees.

Features of This Region:

The region has witnessed a development movement recently, in line with the increase in interest in the purchase and rent orders. It also received support for the transportation network and the metro. Real estate prices in it are relatively acceptable for a central area in Istanbul and compared to the prices in neighboring areas such as Sisli and Beyoglu.



Beylikduzu district is located on the western side of Istanbul, bordered by Avcilar to the east and Buyukcekmece to the west, and by the Sea of Marmara from the south. Far from the noise of the crowded city and where modernity and silence are. Beylikduzu is one of the modern areas that has received huge attention from the Turkish government in terms of development and organization. This municipality was previously headed by Ekrem imamoglu, who is the current mayor of Istanbul. For that, Beylikduzu was and still is an area of importance to him and the Turkish people. It is surrounded by spacious green lands that cover a large area of it and a high percentage of highly educated people live in this area.

Features of This Region:

An upscale area and services in all respects, where hospitals, universities, and schools are available, in addition to social entertainment from malls such as Marmara Park Mall, Torium Mall, major parks decorated with waterfalls, and wonderful fountains. It also contains the largest exhibition in Turkey, Tuyap International Fair, Beylikduzu also includes the Valley of Life Park, which is known as the(Japanese Garden), as it contains traditional Japanese huts.


Basin Express:

It is located in the central of the European side of Istanbul, and it was given this title for the region surrounding the(Basin Express) highway, which connects the two main lines in Istanbul, the E-5 and the TEM roads. It belongs to the municipality of Bagcilar, and in the south of it is Bakirkoy municipality and Ataturk Airport, which will be built replaced by a huge park, and from the north, the Basaksehir district and the new third airport, and from the east, the Bayrampasa district and the west of the Basin Express lies Kucukcekmece. Investment region, in line with the presence of many international companies in it and five-stary fancy hotels.

Features of This Region:

The Basin Express area is close to the new Istanbul airport, the largest airport in the world, which gives the emerging projects in the region more investment value. The area is also well served by the new public transportation system, as the metro passes through it. And with the presence of many modern projects and five-star hotels along with the Basin Express, they add a sophisticated atmosphere to the residents of this region.

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