Camlica Tower The Tallest Tower in Istanbul



The Asian side of Istanbul is characterized by peace compared to the European side, and it has many green spaces, multiple tourist areas, and new complexes which made it a destination for foreign investors and tourists.

One of the most famous areas in it is the Uskudar region which is located on the Bosphorus Strait within a valley surrounded by hills and sea, bordered by Kadikoy, Omrania, and Beykoz regions.

Uskudar is full of green spaces, many service facilities, and high-quality residential and investment projects, in addition to historical places such as the brides' hill which the Turkish government built on it the new Chamliga tower, as it increased the investment importance in the region.

Camlica Tower


Camlica tower is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, It will be the tallest tower in Europe as it built on one of the highest hills of Istanbul, Camlica Hill which is known as( brides' hill ), and the height of this tower will be higher than Eiffel Tower in France, where it reached a height of 365 meters… and with the calculation of the hilltop height above the sea, the total height will reach 400 meters.

According to the building company manager Azogan Blok, the foundation stone of the Chamliga Radio and TV Tower project has been laid, excavations have been completed to a depth of 30 meters to contain 4 floors, and these floors will contain social activities spaces, offices, and exhibition rooms…
Also, many landscapes will be created over a wide area around the tower, so that Istanbul can be seen in 360 degrees.


The start date of the Chamliga tower project


The construction company started to work on this project in 2016, and it still continues until today as the Turkish media is following the construction and building works with pictures and videos all the time to convey the latest updates of this tower.

Turkish citizens are waiting for the finishing of the tower so that they can visit it and see its impressive view on Istanbul such as the Bosphorus, the historical peninsula, and the princess islands.

The Importance Of Camlica Tower:


This great tower will be an important symbol of the Asian side of Istanbul, and the main goal of building it is to unite all the antennas in the region, include: communications, TV, and radio stations.

On the other hand, this great construction adds more features to Istanbul as it will be a tourist destination, so the region will join the list of the most famous tourist areas in Turkey, especially since the tower is located on a high hill overlooking many beautiful parts of Istanbul.

In addition to its vital area, it is surrounded by pine trees, forests, paths for walking and hiking, cafes, restaurants, and many shopping malls and markets.

Ten separate floors have been finished in the tower so far, and these floors will be used for social facilities, and the construction of five new floors is still ongoing ... Also, a concrete section of the tower has been completed with a height of 221 meters, and there is a steel support to accommodate the antennas under Installation.

The antenna weighs at the top of the tower 1400 tons, and the tower is located at a height of about 576 meters above sea level... as after the completion it will contain 53 floors, including four underground, and a crew of 300 workers and engineers work all the time to finish construction.

An engineering company was commissioned by the Turkish Ministry of Transport to design the tower, as the 39th and 40th floors of the tower have one restaurant in each, and observation balconies will be established on the 33rd and 34th floors.

The tower includes exhibition spaces, panoramic elevators on both sides of the structure, cafes, and the viewing angle is 180 degrees, so it allows the visitors to see all of Istanbul from it.

Turkish Officials expect to attract 4 million or more visitors annually to Camlica tower which will be the highest tower in the city, as it competes with the famous skyscraper which is 261 meters high and located on the European side of the city ...
in addition to the Uskudar region's investment importance as it will increase, and the construction companies will start to build complexes and investment projects near this tower.

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