Real Estate Investment in Istanbul 2022

Today, Istanbul has become one of the most important Turkish cities. It is Turkey’s tourism and investment front, which is visited by most tourists and investors from different nationalities of the world. Real estate investment in Istanbul has been increasing continuously in the past several years, due to the increase in the number of investors wishing to buy real estate in Istanbul, due to the elements it has that have a role in supporting the desires of investors and businessmen to buy real estate in it, in our article today we will talk about real estate investment in Istanbul.

The importance of real estate investment in Istanbul:

Real estate investment in Turkey in general and in the city of Istanbul in particular is considered one of the strongest and most successful investments that are intended by foreigners. The real estate market in Istanbul is very attractive and its strategic location between East and West and its view of the most important seas in the world made it the destination of many investors wishing to invest in real estate, as the purchase process of real estate in Istanbul has become the most prevalent process in the past few years, and this was evident in the trend of foreign investors coming from outside the country to Istanbul real estate, and this was due to the great importance of real estate investment in it and the many advantages of real estate, which made it a center of attraction for real estate investment, which contributed to the development and raising the level of the real estate market in Istanbul and in Turkey in general.

The many motives for real estate investment in Istanbul:

What distinguishes real estate investment in Istanbul is the several motives that will encourage investors to go through this experience and trust in its success, especially businessmen and capitals.

Diversity of options in Istanbul:

Istanbul real estate is characterized by the huge diversity that meets all the desires of investors, according to the desire and strategy of the investor, he chooses a target, as he can find villas for purchase, apartments, office apartments, studio apartments, apartments within residential complexes, shops, smart homes and many other types of real estate that Investor desires to buy.

The touristic place of Istanbul:

Istanbul has an attractive green nature, beautiful terrain, and a moderate climate suitable for tourism and living in it. The many natural ingredients and tourist places that investors and tourists can visit and enjoy their beauty is a strong motivation to buy real estate in them.

The cultural status of Istanbul:

Civilization in the city of Istanbul has always been present in the minds of real estate investors who want to buy real estate in it, and it was a main goal for them to enjoy the cultural and historical areas, one of the most important of these areas is the Sultan Ahmet area, which is an ancient area with an ancient civilization that contains many famous palaces and mosques such as Sultan Ahmed Mosque and the Hagia Sophia Mosque, therefore, this civilization and heritage in the history of Istanbul has always been a center of attraction for real estate investors from all over the world.

Real estate prices compared to other countries:

Turkey, including Istanbul, is considered one of the cities with medium or cheap prices in real estate compared to neighboring European countries, due to several reasons and factors, which made Istanbul a center to attract investors from all over the world to buy real estate and investment, and therefore these prices and low cost facilitate the purchase process and ensure success in investing, guarantee the profits and push more investors to purchase real estate in it.

Government facilities for investors:

The Turkish government has provided a large number of facilities in the field of real estate investment and the conditions related to the sale of real estate, especially to foreigners, and worked on the quick completion of transactions related to the sale of real estate and the absolute comfort in dealing with investors in order to complete the process of buying a property as soon as possible, and also worked to exempt investors from the added tax , which provides the investor with an amount of money, which attracted foreign investors and urged them to buy and invest in real estate in Istanbul.

Obtaining real estate residency:

Obtaining real estate residency is one of the most important reasons for investors to buy real estate in Turkey, its price is not less than 75,000 US dollars, but recently some areas within Istanbul were excluded from the possibility of obtaining real estate residence by buying a property in them.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment has become a goal for most investors and businessmen, where the investor can buy a property in Istanbul and get Turkish citizenship through this process, provided that the property price exceeds 400 thousand US dollars.

Good and increasing financial returns:

Real estate investment in Istanbul enables you to profit more than other investments, the investor in Istanbul guarantees the stability of the capital at worst. But, if the purchase period is long, it guarantees a sure and huge profit, and it is through the monthly or annual benefit from the property by renting it. The rental of real estate must take place in the places where tourists and temporary visitors are located, and this is in the places of tourism and natural areas overlooking the lakes. These places abound in Istanbul with its Asian and European sections.

Getting a chance to succeed:

Real estate investment is considered one of the profitable opportunities for foreign investors, as the main goal for them is to have a chance of success. This can be done by buying a property in the city of Istanbul, which opens the doors of success for them by investing this property; selling or renting it, which guarantees them investment success in the territory of Turkey, for several reasons, including the frequent increase in demand for Istanbul real estate.

Advantages of real estate investment in Istanbul:

Real estate investment must have many advantages to the internal or external investor, including:
-The real estate investor in Istanbul has the most important opportunities and plans to get profits and financial returns, through the business of commercial investment by buying and selling real estate, and many investors are heading to Turkey in search of success in their real estate business.
-The real estate investor can expand his real estate business due to the facilities provided by the Turkish government in the field of investment.
-The investor can benefit from renting the property, and this returns to him a fixed, continuous and agreed monthly income between the lessor and the lessee.
- The real estate investor can guarantee the continuity of his real estate business due to the large and continuous demand for buying real estate in Istanbul.
-Real estate investment in Istanbul allows the investor to visit all regions of Turkey, enjoy its tourist attractions and practice some activities in it
-The real estate investor in Istanbul can buy real estate in installments either from the property owner directly or through a Turkish bank
-The possibility of obtaining a Turkish passport for the real estate investor with Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey, which entitles the investor to enter most countries of the world through it.

-Motives for buying real estate and apartments in Istanbul:

-The picturesque and beautiful nature and the abundance of tourist places overlooking the wonderful views of the seas, forests and nature reserves, which is a major reason for choosing the apartment for housing or investment.
- The calm, tranquility and safety that Istanbul enjoys, especially the Asian part of it, if it is dominated by calm and the lack of noise and crowding, which made it a home for celebrities who are looking for a better life and a quiet atmosphere.
-Attention to providing strong infrastructure such as transportation and paved roads and the necessary schools, hospitals and service environments, this makes life in Istanbul easier and more elegant and increases the number of those wishing to live or invest in it.
-The kindness of the people, the most important thing that the investor or who intends to buy a property is looking for is the neighborhood of good and friendly people with easy, kind and simple treatment, and this is what distinguishes the Turkish people, as they are characterized by kindness, openness, acceptance of strangers and integration with them.
-The appropriate standard of living, so the investor can live and reside in Istanbul and obtain all the ingredients and an appropriate standard of living that suits a big country like Turkey today.

Forms of real estate investment in Istanbul:

We will distinguish two or more forms in which the investor can search for what he wants in Istanbul
-The investor buys the property with the intention of housing and settling in Istanbul, and this is frequently done by foreign investors who want to lead a quiet and dignified life, and it may be an escape from chaos and instability in their countries, so this type of investors frequently resort to Turkey to buy real estate and thus enable them to get Turkish real estate y and staying in it, and therefore, investment and housing in Istanbul guarantees them stability and living with a good level of luxury and obtaining most of the insurances and services provided by the Turkish government
-Or he buys real estate and the main purpose of this investment is to make profits, and this type of investment has spread significantly in recent times due to the rise in real estate prices and the general movement in the real estate market in Istanbul, which guarantees the investor to achieve the desired profit and financial return, this type of investment is done in several ways and forms. 
You can buy the property and then sell it, but you need to leave it for a period of time before selling it in order to guarantee a profit from it because real estate prices are constantly rising, and the other method is the best from the point of view of many where you can buy a property consisting of several floors and apartments and renting out each apartment separately. This type of investment guarantees you two things. The first guarantees you to maintain and even increase the capital, because the price index is often an upward indicator, and the other thing guarantees you a monthly financial return without fees.
-Investing in a property in Istanbul to obtain real estate residency, and this type has increased in the past six years.
-Investing in a property to obtain Turkish citizenship.

The best places to invest in real estate in Istanbul:

The real estate market in Istanbul in the past years has received an increasing demand for real estate purchases, as it is one of the most famous and most attractive cities in Turkey. The areas of Istanbul today have governmental concerns that have a role in supporting all aspects of real estate investment movements of all kinds. We will focus on the most important areas in Istanbul and the best ones for real estate investment .


Bahcesehir is considered one of the most famous and most luxurious areas of the European section of Istanbul and includes many luxury residential complexes equipped with all means of safety and comfort. due to the nature of the picturesque area, its distinguished geographical location and its proximity to the Istanbul Water Canal.
The services in it have received government support in various fields, as the Tim Highway passes through the area, which is one of the best express transport lines to meet the transportation service in it. Among the distinguished services in the region are government schools and universities. Government schools are available in Bahceşehir area at all levels. As for the universities, it contains Bahcesehir university, which is one of the most famous and best universities in Turkey, in addition to its richness in public markets and trade centers, as the Mall of Istanbul, which is the most famous market in Istanbul. All these features make Bahcesehir district a great destination for investors, which means that it is one of the best real estate investment areas in Istanbul.


Uskudar is one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Istanbul, Asia, and it is widely known globally, not only in Turkey. It is the oldest and most beautiful tourist destination for visitors to see the charming Bosphorus waves, as it overlooks the Maiden's Tower, in addition to many other tourist and historical attractions in the region.
This area receives great attention from the Turkish government, as it constitutes a global compass to attract tourists, interested people and celebrities. It also has strong service infrastructure and good land and sea transportation links.


Beylikduzu is located on the outskirts of the European section of Istanbul and extends north of the Marmara Sea. This area is also characterized by many services and public facilities and a strong service structure provided by government authorities, such as Fatih University and Okia Nos University, which is one of the best universities in Istanbul, and many markets are spread in it, the most important of which are Marmara Park Mall and Torium Mall, and there are many tourist attractions, Buyukcekmece Bridge, which is one of the most important tourist attractions and is considered a great urban landmark with great value. Among the tourist attractions are the Rasasi Palace or Sultan Suleiman Palace. All these historical and tourist attractions make Beylikduzua great destination for investors, tourists and those interested in history from Turkey and outside Turkey, and also supports real estate investment. In the areas of Istanbul. 

Beykoz :

It is considered one of the areas close to the city center. This means that if you buy in the Beykoz area, you choose the best and most wonderful area at all, not to mention the modern and contemporary urban designs, as well as the abundance of nature reserves, which makes it a source of tourism that attracts attention of visitors, as well as its urban construction and the interest in this type of construction and the establishment of modern housing complexes and luxury villas preferred by celebrities, the rich and tourists to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


This region is a destination for tourists from all over the world and the most vital area in Asian Istanbul, overlooking the Marmara Sea from its south and close to the Bosphorus and the Maiden's Tower. It is considered an advanced area in terms of living conditions, population and lifestyle.
Kadikoy has a transportation line that connects it to the rest of Istanbul, making it one of the best areas for buying apartments in Asian Istanbul, and the port in it is considered an important transportation hub in Istanbul between the European and Asian sides, and it has a fast land transportation network.
Here, we have summarized and mentioned the most important and best areas for real estate investment in Istanbul that prompted investors to buy real estate in it, and we talked about the most important motives that encourage the ever-increasing numbers of real estate investment in Istanbul.

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