The Most Important Ways to Get Turkish Citizenship

Many questions are raised about getting Turkish citizenship, and this is what prompted the editorial team to prepare this article for you in order to answer one of the most important questions in this regard. In this article, you can see the most important ways to get Turkish citizenship, and many other aspects related to this topic will be highlighted and most of your other inquiries will be answered.
Before starting the topic, there is a lot of information that you should know about this nationality, most notably that the Turkish government has not hesitated to provide all the facilities that attract many foreigners and investors to apply for this nationality without other nationalities around the world.
Now you may be wondering if Turkish citizenship is the strongest in the world. In fact, there are many important nationalities in the world, especially the nationalities of the European Union, where the Turkish government has placed many difficulties that prevent a foreigner from getting citizenship.
In your opinion, what are the reasons that push the Turkish government to motivate foreigners to get Turkish citizenship? Because it fully believes in the importance of the foreigners on its land, this contributes to the development of its economy, and this will help it achieve its vision of entering the club of the Big Ten, and also, this indicates the flexibility of its laws and its close relations with the most important countries of the world at the political level.

What are the most important ways to get Turkish citizenship?

Did you know that Turkish citizenship could be obtained in more than one way? But you should know that the Turkish government has recently made many changes to the conditions for getting that citizenship, and this is what we will talk about in detail through this paragraph:

Citizenship by Real Estate Investment:

The most common and most popular way is to get Turkish citizenship is through real estate investment, and this is because the foreigner will not only have obtained citizenship, but also start the real estate investment project, that is, he has hit two goals at the same time.
In late 2018, the Turkish government issued some amendments regarding foreigners getting Turkish citizenship, which was to reduce the value of the property suitable for applying for that citizenship from one million US dollars to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars only, and issued another amendment in the current year, 2022 AD, to raise the value of the appropriate property too get that citizenship, up to four hundred thousand dollars.
What should be mentioned in this regard is that the decision of investors and foreigners to apply for it has not changed after the last amendment. If you look today at the statistics issued by the official authorities, you will find that more than 40% of real estate buyers in Turkey aim to obtain it after purchasing the property.

Conditions for getting citizenship by investment:

You have to know that you will not get it just by buying a property in Turkey, but there is a set of conditions that must be met in the property and the buyer so that he can get that citizenship, which are as follows:
-The property value should not be less than $400,000.
-Commitment not to sell before the passing of three years.
-Buying the property through a Turkish citizen or a Turkish construction company.
-Transferring the price of the property through a Turkish bank to the seller’s account.
-Verifying that the property was not previously used in order to obtain it.
-Issuing a real estate appraisal document to verify the value of the property and not leave room for manipulation and fraud.
In this regard, it must be noted that selling the property after three years allows the property owner to get a large profit. Real estate prices in Turkey are constantly increasing and rising, and therefore, you will benefit from the difference in price that will result between the buying and selling stages. Do not forget that a violation of any of the aforementioned conditions makes the property ineligible for getting Turkish citizenship through it, so it is necessary to focus fully with all the details and steps.

Applying for citizenship through marriage:

One of the common ways to apply for Turkish citizenship is the marriage of a foreigner to a Turkish citizen (male or female), but after fulfilling the condition that the marriage is real and not a means to get it only, so he/she is not entitled to apply for it until after three years have passed, and also it must not pose any danger to public security in the country.

Citizenship by Commercial Investment:

-If you established your own business with a capital of at least 500 thousand US dollars. -Purchasing shares or bonds with a value of at least 500,000 $ for a period of no less than 3 years, i.e. it may not be sold before its passage.
-Bank deposit of 500,000 $and no part of the amount will be withdrawn before the passing of three years.
-Establishing a private business and employing at least 50 Turkish employees, and before the amendments issued in 2018, it was 100 employees.
You should also know that a foreigner who is not over the legal age could obtain citizenship if he is adopted by a Turkish family, provided that he does not pose any threat to public security in Turkey.
It can also be applied for if the foreigner's Turkish affiliation and origins are proven by submitting papers and documents, and he will be obtained it immediately after that. In some cases, the foreigner is granted citizenship in an exceptional way, for example, if the foreigner presents a scientific achievement to Turkey that has brought benefit, or a technological invention and others.

Rights of those who get Turkish citizenship:

First of all, you should know that getting Turkish citizenship makes you a real foreign citizen who has all the rights and you have all his duties, and the most prominent thing you will get is the Turkish passport, which is one of the most powerful passports in the world and not only in Turkey, and this year it ranked 37th in the world.
It must be pointed out that ten years ago and until now, it was able to achieve significant growth and more frankly, its progress was more like leaps, and according to specialists, in the coming years it will be in a more advanced position thanks to this economic superiority.
Among the rights that a foreigner gets is the possibility to stay in Turkey permanently without being held accountable and without the condition of having any kind of residency, as well as travel and return with complete ease to Turkey.
The holder of this nationality will be able to buy real estate easily and without the condition of obtaining a security approval, as well as obtaining important job opportunities that a foreigner who does not hold this nationality cannot obtain, whether in the government sector or in the private one.
Do not forget that it is possible to participate in elections and to cast votes to participate and determine the fate of the country at the political level, and it is also possible to run for high positions.
One of the most prominent advantages of getting Turkish citizenship is the possibility of retaining the first or mother nationality and then benefiting from the advantages offered by both.
It can also be obtained by all family members, but can all individuals get it without any other conditions? Certainly, there are certain conditions, which are that if the foreigner is married to more than one woman, only one will be able to get it and after obtaining the consent of the second. As for the children, they get it if they are not over the legal age, and for people with special needs, they get it after three years without considering their age.

 Why Turkish citizenship and not others?

Are the privileges that a holder of Turkish citizenship can obtain sufficient for the investor to make a decision to get it, or are there more other motives?
1 - Certainly, we have many other stimuli, the most prominent of which is that Turkey has witnessed growth in its various sectors, especially in the real estate sector. Today, you can find many important investment and residential projects. Turkey also has a developed and modern infrastructure that helps citizens to live a life of luxury and comfort, and this is precisely what has raised its place at the global level.
2-- The efforts of the Turkish government are focused on making all institutions and sectors in Turkey work according to the smart technology system, and citizens will be able to accomplish their tasks easily, especially with regard to official transactions that need to go to state departments.
3 - Turkey's geographical location between three continents (Asia - Europe - Africa) made it linked with the eastern and western world, especially as it extends over two continents at the same time, and this connection was not on one level only, but included the cultural, commercial, industrial, political and economic aspects. This certainly gave it more power.
4 - Due to what the Turkish state owes, it is considered a suitable environment for the establishment of many investment projects without exception, especially since the Turkish government has relieved foreign investors from many difficulties, most notably tax cuts and exemptions.

Conditions for applying for Turkish citizenship:

It cannot be denied that the Turkish government has provided a lot of facilities for those wishing to get citizenship, but this does not negate that there are not many conditions that must be met in order for a foreigner to be eligible to get it.
Through the following points, you can see the most important of these conditions:
- He must be of legal age and of sound mind.
The question here: If he has not reached the age of 18, will he not be able to apply for citizenship? Of course he can, but after the approval of his guardian, or if his guardian obtains it, he/she gives it to him automatically.
-Residency in Turkey for a period of no less than five years and continuously.
-To provide evidence confirming the sincerity of his intention to live and settle in Turkey, by establishing a business, buying a business, or starting an investment project.
-Not to be infected with a contagious and dangerous disease that threatens public health.
-Not to be involved in a criminal offense in order to ensure that public security remains in order.
-Respect and adhere to all laws and regulations prevailing in Turkey.
- Possessing a sufficient source of livelihood for him and his family.
-Proficiency in the Turkish language enough to interact and integrate with Turkish society.

Frequently asked questions about Turkish citizenship:

Now, we will give you some common questions that are being circulated among investors wishing to get citizenship:

1 - I own more than one property. Can I apply for Turkish citizenship?

Certainly, but with a total value of not less than 400,000 US dollars, and a real estate appraisal document must be extracted for each property separately.

2- Is the real estate appraisal document necessary?

What you do not know is that you must get a real estate appraisal document, whether you want to buy a property in order to obtain Turkish citizenship or not. This is what the Turkish government has approved in order to avoid investors falling into the trap of real estate fraud, being exposed to fraud and deception and paying money in the wrong place.

3 - How to invest your property in Turkey?

During the three years in which the real estate cannot be sold, it can be rented or lived in. After the specified years have passed, the property can be sold and benefiting from the high price of the property.

4 - What are the prohibited professions for foreigners that a holder of Turkish citizenship can do?

The pharmacy.
Veterinary Medicine.
Customs clearance.
In the context of talking about Turkish citizenship, it must be noted that it is possible to withdraw citizenship from its holder in certain cases, the most important of which is if the Turkish citizen performs military service in a foreign country without the permission of the Turkish authorities, or if a service is provided to a foreign country without informing the authorities of this in light of the state of war and the conflicts that Turkey is experiencing with the other country.
But, the most important question is, will the citizenship be withdrawn directly? No, as the Turk is given a period of 30 days to retract the act he has done, and if he does not respond, the withdrawal will be made directly.
This is the most important information you need to know about Turkish citizenship. If there are more inquiries about this topic, you can contact our real estate consultant and visit our website.

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