Real Estate Investment Methods in Turkey 2022 AD

The idea of real estate investment in Turkey is one of the most popular ideas ever, which many investors and capitalists resort to, as it is the safest and most distinguished investment idea, and this is proven by all the experiences of the previous ones, businessmen and specialists in the booming real estate markets.
In this article, you can learn about the most popular ways to invest in real estate in Turkey. It will also highlight the most distinguished types of real estate for investment and also the importance of starting such a project in a country like Turkey, we wish you an enjoyable reading.

The importance of real estate investment in Turkey:

Investing in real estate in Turkey is one of the most common ways to make money, increase capital, and get abundant profit and rewarding returns. Through the following paragraph, we will indicate the most prominent and most important advantages of investing in real estate in this country:

1 - Real estate prices are constantly increasing:

First, you should know that real estate prices, whether in Turkey or in other countries of the world, cannot remain constant for a long period of time. Rather, they change constantly depending on the circumstances that occur in the country, the percentage of demand for it, the volume of supply, and so on.
In Turkey, it is different from the rest of the countries, and real estate prices are constantly increasing in a very large way, where within a short period of not more than three years, the capital can grow significantly.
For example, real estate prices in the Basaksehir area of Istanbul during the past three years have increased by more than 45%, and this is not all, as according to what many experts and specialists in the field of real estate in Turkey have stated, real estate prices in Basaksehir in particular will record an increase Real estate prices rise after the completion of many strategic projects close to it, such as the New Istanbul Airport and the New Water Canal. These projects, as a result of their great importance, will have a positive impact on various sectors in Turkey and the real estate sector in particular.

In your opinion, is the news of the possibility of real estate prices rising in Turkey a positive or negative thing?

For the real estate investor, this has a positive impact because it will ensure that he gets an abundant profit in case he wants to sell in the future, as he will benefit from the price difference between the buying and selling.
From here, real estate investors around the world can apply the real estate rule that says that real estate should be bought at a low price and resold when prices rise, and thus can achieve a high profit.

2 - Getting Turkish citizenship:

One of the most important reasons for foreigners to invest in real estate in Turkey is to apply for Turkish citizenship, and this was stated by one of the statements issued by the Turkish Statistics Authority.

Are you wondering about the reasons why Turkish citizenship is the target of many people and investors?

A desire to get many of the privileges enjoyed by the holder and also for the ease of obtaining them compared to other European countries.
These privileges can be obtained when the price of the property is at least 400,000 US dollars with a pledge not to sell the property before at least three years have passed. Of course, there are many other conditions that must be met, and the violation of any of them makes the property unsuitable to apply for it.
The investor's choice to get Turkish citizenship through real estate investment is a very smart choice, as the investor will not only have had that citizenship, but will also have made a successful real estate investment, meaning that he has hit two goals at the same time.

Low real estate investment risks:

Any investment project you enter has a percentage of risks, but when we talk about real estate investment, you have to know that the percentage is very small. Real estate cannot lose its value at all, but on the contrary, it preserves it and contributes to its development over time. What you do not know is that the world's richest businessmen and investors have built their fortunes through real estate.
Add to your information that investing in real estate in Turkey not only has few risks, but also it does not require a lot of effort, fatigue and time, and with a little capital, you can start your investment project.

Getting real estate residency:

Have you ever heard of real estate residency in Turkey?
-It is considered one of the most important and best types of residency in Turkey at all, due to its ease of obtaining and the possibility of renewal, not to mention the many advantages that can be obtained under it.
-It can be obtained by all family members, but with the condition that the children are under the legal age.
-The holder of this residency can benefit from all medical and educational services.
-The holder acquires most of the rights enjoyed by a Turkish citizen.
-Under which it is possible to reside in Turkey legally.
-Its holder can move between the Turkish states with great ease and without many restrictions.

Disadvantages of real estate investment in Turkey:

Despite all the advantages of real estate investment in Turkey, there are many negative aspects that the investor may encounter, and in order to be aware of all aspects of the matter, you can follow the next paragraph, in which we will talk about all the disadvantages of investing in real estate in this country.
Many investors are afraid of investing in real estate in Turkey for these reasons:
-Some fear that the property will lose its value due to some circumstances, which may be economic, political, or the like.
-Part of the property may lose its value, and thus the investor has lost part of his capital.
-Fear of fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Turkish lira against foreign currencies.
-One of the most prominent real estate investment problems in Turkey is falling into the real estate fraud trap, for example, the property is being sold as being suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship, but in fact it is contrary to that.
-Many people are afraid of choosing the wrong property or not matching the desired goal.
In order to avoid all this, you should not look for real estate for sale in Turkey on your own, but rather use one of the famous real estate companies with a good reputation and a wide knowledge of all aspects of the real estate market in Turkey, thus ensuring the right choice that will achieve your goals quickly.

Forms of real estate investment in Turkey:

If you want to invest in real estate in Turkey, you should know that you will be in front of a variety of distinguished investment ideas that you must look at first, and this is what we will highlight through the following paragraph:

1- Commercial real estate investment:

One of the most common investment ideas is the investment of commercial real estate, which guarantees the investor to make an abundant profit. The prices of this type of real estate are rather high and also achieve a constant increase thanks to the tourism nature of the Turkish state on the one hand and on the other hand as a result of the foreign influx to the Turkish state and the high population density that it has.
Often, you will not find your property empty of tenants and the reason for this is that most merchants and tenants prefer to stay in their property for a long time in order to keep their customers and clients.
You have to bear in mind that investing in commercial real estate in Turkey makes the property owner completely comfortable, as he will not suffer from the issue of delays in paying the rents because the tenants are rich and have high capital, and the landlord will not have to deal directly with the tenants or work on solving their problems because every tenant prefers to deal with the property in proportion to his business.

Investing villas in Turkey:

Certainly, you have heard about the great diversity taking place in the real estate market in Turkey, which drew the attention of investors from different countries of the world, and on top of those options, after the apartments directly, are the villas, which are considered a wide field for the implementation of many investment ideas due to their many components. The following are the most important ways in which villas can be invested:
-It can be a health center or an educational institution.
-It could be a restaurant or a cafe.
-It could be a shopping center or a mall.
-Renting it during the tourist seasons.
-Reselling it after its value increases.
What makes villas in Turkey a great idea for real estate investment is that their prices are constantly increasing and the demand for them is great, that its area is wide and often has a wonderful view that may be a sea view and on green spaces.

Investment of apartments in Turkey:

The first investment option for many people and investors is apartments because the famous real estate advice says that successful investment starts from monitoring the area that society needs in abundance, and a society like Turkey that witnesses a high population density and an unprecedented tourist turnout. It is natural that apartments are the first need in it.
By buying an apartment and renting it, you can get an abundant profit throughout the year, and during the tourist seasons, you will find it increasing and increasing, especially if we are talking about an exceptional strategic location.

How do you invest in apartments?

 You have two main options, the first is to rent it for a semi-fixed return, and the second is to resell it when the price rises significantly.

Real estate development project:

A wide category of investors chooses to buy old properties or those that need to be restored and re-maintained, and other businesses that restore their modernity to resell them at a high price and benefit from the profit that will be gained.

Purchase of apartments under construction:

Among the facilities provided by the Turkish government to foreigners wishing to own real estate in Turkey is the possibility of buying apartments under construction, which is the best option for many people, since their prices are cheaper than ready-made properties. They rise by significant rates, ranging between 35% and 70%.

Advantages of investing in real estate in Turkey:

Below, you can see the most important advantages that will return to the real estate investor in Turkey:
-The Turkish government has provided many facilities for those wishing to own real estate in Turkey.
-Tax deductions and exemption from added value tax.
-The possibility of buying any type of real estate available in the real estate market in Turkey without any restrictions.
-The abolition of the principle of reciprocity and this decision was issued in 2012.
-Ease of real estate ownership procedures in Turkey.
-The Turkish government monitors the real estate market to ensure that the required materials, their quality and the stipulated standards are adhered to.
-Turkey imposed extracting the real estate appraisal document that controls real estate prices in Turkey.

Tips when investing in Turkey:

-Choose a small or medium-sized property so that it is easy to rent and you can quickly resell it when you want to.
-Make sure that the property is not under mortgage or real estate seizure, as this makes selling the property difficult and affects its material value.
-Study your financial budget well and make sure that you do not encounter expenses that were not included in your accounts.
-Hire a real estate expert to help you choose the right property for you.
-If you want to get a high profit, look for a distinguished strategic location, where the more distinguished the location of the property, the higher its price and the high returns it makes.
-Choose an apartment close to sights and historical places.
-Study the state of the real estate market in Turkey well.

For more information and details about the real estate market in Turkey, you should follow our website continuously because we provide you with the most important news and information related to the real estate sector and real estate investment in Turkey on a permanent basis to answer all your inquiries.

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