The Great Competition in the Real Estate Market in Turkey

If you are interested in real estate markets around the world, the real estate market in Turkey must have caught your attention, as it is considered one of the most active real estate markets in the world at all, where there is a lot of buying and selling, development and rapid urban growth, and all these factors are capable of attracting many investors and capitalists money to it.
There are many reasons that made the real estate market in Turkey ranked globally. Through the following article, you can see all these details and we wish you a useful reading.

Reasons for competition in the real estate market in Turkey:

Through the following paragraphs, you can see in detail the main reasons that made the real estate market in Turkey a global market that ranked fourth.

1-Having suitable offers:

One of the most important reasons that push foreigners and investors around the world to search for real estate for sale in Turkey and not other countries of the world is that it is witnessing a very rapid urban movement. Every day you can find more distinguished real estate and investment projects that are being built. The goal of all these projects is the desire to create a balance between the large supply and demand.

2- Distinction and high quality:

Real estate in Turkey, especially the modern ones, is characterized by its high luxury and great quality, as it relies on international standards in its construction in terms of the use of building materials as well as engineering designs and others.
Real estate in Turkey in its luxury and sophistication competes with the most important real estate projects in European and American countries.

3- Appropriate real estate prices:

Did you know that real estate prices in Turkey are low compared to real estate prices in Europe or other countries around the world? It is worth noting that according to many reports issued by official authorities, real estate prices in Turkey are vastly cheaper than real estate in Dubai.

4- Government facilities:

The Turkish government has not hesitated to provide all the facilities that increase the demand for buying real estate in Turkey and in order to attract a lot of foreign and investment capital.
The most important thing it has provided in this regard is the following:
*Tax Cuts
Taxes are often a barrier to any foreigner or buyer of real estate.
Exempting real estate buyers in Turkey for the first time from value-added tax.
Abolish the principle of reciprocity.
Giving the investors a wide opportunity to buy what they want of real estate in Turkey without any restrictions.
*The real estate appraisal document, which is a safety paper for the buyer, as it controls real estate prices and prevents any manipulation from occurring.
*Ease of procedures for owning real estate in Turkey
(It should be noted that it is very difficult to buy an apartment in one of the European countries, as it is easily done in Turkey, despite the distinction of real estate in Europe, but their prices are very high, and this on the one hand, and on the other hand, the governments of those countries put a lot of difficulties in front of the buyer).

Advantages of buying real estate in Turkey:

Did you know that there are a set of privileges that you can get after buying real estate in Turkey, which is the main motive for anyone who wants to own real estate outside the borders of his country?
Through the following points, you can see the most important reasons that encourage buying real estate in Turkey:
1 - The possibility of obtaining real estate residency, which is one of the most important types of residency in Turkey, when the specifications of the property are appropriate to the conditions for obtaining it, which is that the price of the property is not less than 75,000 US dollars, with the need for the property to be intended for housing and in the case that any condition is violated, then it is not appropriate to apply for it.
2 - Obtaining Turkish citizenship in return for the price of the property being at least 400,000 US dollars or more, and then a pledge not to sell it before at least three years have passed.
3 - Real estate in Turkey is a golden opportunity for real estate investment in order to obtain high and abundant profits due to the availability of all the ingredients that help success and excellence and obtaining a high profit, the most important of which is the high population density that characterizes Turkey.
4 - Immediately after obtaining Turkish citizenship, you can apply for a Turkish passport, which is considered one of the most powerful passports in the world.
5 - Turkey is a suitable and stable environment for permanent residence, where the various elements of life are available, and it is upscale and no less important than life in other countries.
6 - The real estate market in Turkey is very diverse and therefore, it is easy to find the right properties for you and your budget.
7 - Real estate prices are increasing day after day, and this puts you in front of a great opportunity to get a lot of profits and returns.
8 - If you do not have the full price of the property, it does not mean that you give up your dream of owning real estate in Turkey, but you can benefit from one of the distinguished real estate offers in installments offered by construction companies and then pay its value in the long term and without having to face financial pressures.
9 - Turkey has a developed, modern and competitive infrastructure for the most important countries in the world. Among the most important projects available are:
-Istanbul's new airport
-The new Istanbul Water Canal
- Başakşehir Medical City, and others.
10 - Turkey is one of the most important tourism destinations in the world, as it annually hosts millions of tourists from different countries of the world.
In order to get more information about the real estate market in Turkey, you can follow our website constantly and communicate with our real estate consultant to help you find the answers you are looking for.

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