Types of Tourism and Their Impact on the Real Estate Market in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most important tourist countries in the world, and this is clearly demonstrated by the large numbers that flock to it. If you are interested in the matter, you will find that year by year, the numbers are increasing dramatically.
Tourism in Turkey is of many types, each with advantages and details. Through the following article, you can see the whole matter and find answers to your various questions.
We wish you an enjoyable read.

Learn about the types of tourism in Turkey:

Through the following paragraphs, you can see all forms and types of tourism in Turkey.

First: Medical Tourism:

Due to the many components that Turkey enjoys, it is considered one of the most important and best countries in the world for medical tourism, and for this purpose, it is intended for this purpose annually by millions of people from different countries of the world. It owns many resorts, wells and hot springs that contain sulfur elements and materials, and many elements and minerals that help treat many skin diseases, rheumatism, anemia, and others.
These springs and baths are concentrated in many Turkish states, especially Afyon, which is a major center for them, Yelwa and others, not to mention the great renaissance and development that they witnessed in the health sector. The important hospitals that have achieved development in the Turkish medical aspect are (Başakşehir Medical City), which was opened a short time ago, and it has a capacity equivalent to eight hospitals at the same time.

Second: mountaineering tourism:

There is a large group of people obsessed with climbing mountains, and the geographical nature of the Turkish state helps in this matter, as it contains many mountains and high altitudes, and this has made tourism in Turkey a lot of importance, sophistication and distinction.
It is visited by many lovers of adventure and climbing, and one of the most famous mountains in Turkey is Uludağ Mountain, which is located in the city of Bursa.

Third: Recreational tourism:

The city of Istanbul contains thousands of recreational tourist places that attract thousands and millions of tourists annually. These places are often represented in modern and developed malls that suit all ages and classes. It also has a water aquarium that displays millions of fish species.

Fourth: Cave tourism:

Turkey has many caves that were formed as a result of climatic factors, and many of them contain distinctive monuments and artifacts. You can visit them and learn about their contents, age and how they were formed. The most distinguished caves you can find are in Trabzon and Antalya.

 Fifth: Religious tourism:

Turkey embraces many religious monuments that made it one of the most important countries suitable for this type of tourism, such as mosques / churches and others. It belongs to various different civilizations, including the Greek, Roman, Ottoman, Seljuk and Islamic, many of which have been restored due to the changes that have affected them over time.
Do not forget that visiting these places is not only recreational, but also religious. Thanks to the succession of many civilizations, what you do not know about Turkey is that it is one of the most culturally diverse countries.

Sixth: Winter Tourism:

Is tourism limited to summer or spring only? Certainly not, because Turkey, with its many components, is considered one of the most suitable destinations for winter tourism and the practice of snow sports such as snow skiing and climbing snow-covered mountains, in addition to the possibility of riding a cable car to enjoy the view from the top, especially since Turkey has the longest cable car in the world and it is in Bursa.

The impact of tourism on the real estate sector in Turkey:

Did you know that real estate investment in Turkey has gained its strength from the tourist nature, which is the reason for millions of people to come to it annually and throughout the year, and if you use a real estate expert in Turkey, they will guide you to the need to buy a property or an apartment near the tourist and historical places within those states, and the reason of this is that this is one of the first steps in order to obtain a successful and profitable real estate investment, because the demand for these properties is very large, especially during the tourist periods. It can also be rented quickly and without having to wait for long periods.
The investor can rent his real estate at high prices, and when he wants to sell in the future, this will be very easy. The investor has to trust that he will sell the property at a higher price than he bought it, and therefore he will benefit from the difference that will result from the two stages of buying and selling, and this is the best investment method in the current period, especially with predictions which indicates that real estate prices will rise significantly during the coming period.

How do you benefit from tourism seasons in investment?

Based on the tourism importance of the Turkish state, it can be used in real estate investment and access to high returns. Through the following paragraph, you can learn about the most important investment ideas that you can follow:
-Buying hotel apartments, which usually rich businessmen and tourists reside in, is a great opportunity for a profitable real estate investment.
-It is possible to invest in hotels and obtain a high profit, especially when choosing a strategic geographic location close to vital spots, public transportation, shopping centers, and others.
 -Apartments can be purchased close to popular tourist destinations.

Learn about some of the tourist attractions in Turkey:

Now it is time for you to get acquainted with many of the tourist attractions that are found in Turkey and which are visited by tourists from different parts of the world.

First: Mosques in Turkey:

In Turkey, you will find many important mosques belonging to different periods of time, some of them are far and some are close:

1 - Hagia Sophia Mosque:

One of the most important mosques in Turkey in general and in Istanbul in particular is the Hagia Sophia, which gained its wide fame from the many fluctuations that it has witnessed over time, from mosque to church to museum and back again as a mosque, two years ago, and according to what many people described, it is one of the most important masterpieces that was built by the Byzantines.
As for the architecture that characterizes the mosque, it is the harmonious mixture between the Christian and Islamic style. Everyone who visited it was astonished by its splendor and the creativity manifested in every part of it.
This mosque is located on the European side of Istanbul, specifically in the Sultanahmet district.

2- Eyüp Sultan Mosque:

It is one of the most important mosques built by the Ottomans for a long time, and although it has been around for a long time, it still maintains its position and importance. It is distinguished by the fact that in the outer courtyard contains the tomb of the great companion (Abu Ayyub al-Ansari) and add to your information that it contains lots of belongings of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad, peace be upon him.

3- New Eminönü Mosque:

This mosque is located in the center of Istanbul and has a wonderful view of the Golden Horn near the Egyptian market and was built by order of the wife of the Ottoman Sultan Murad II, and important information about this mosque is that the process of its construction took about 500 years.

4- Arab Mosque:

It was called the Arab Mosque because the Arab Muslim army was its builders. As for its location, it is located in the center of Istanbul and has a minaret that was formerly a church bell. It has a unique and distinctive architectural structure that belongs to the Andalusian engineering art and is one of the strangest architectural forms in the city of Istanbul.

5 - Sultan Ahmet Mosque:

It is also called the Blue Mosque in relation to the tiles that bear this color, which cover the walls and floors. It was built by order of Sultan Ahmet and is located on the opposite side of the Hagia Sophia Mosque. What you do not know about this mosque is that it is one of the largest and most important mosques that refer to the Islamic religion.
The architecture on which the mosque was built is Ottoman and Byzantine, and it is characterized by a charming view of the Marmara Sea, and the information that interests you about it is that it has 200 windows and a spacious courtyard.

6-Fatih Mosque:

It was named after Sultan Muhammad al-Fatih and is considered the most attractive for tourists and those interested in religious tourism from different countries of the world. It is distinguished by its historical position. It has two minarets bearing the same size and shape.
Did you know that the place where the Sultan Al-Fatih was buried is surrounded by a glass wall and walls with Quranic verses and a hadith of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.

7 - Suleymaniye Mosque:

This mosque was built on the order of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and by the famous architect Mimar Sinan Pasha, and it is located a small distance from the Bosphorus, which increased its fame and importance.

8 – Dolmabahçe Mosque:

This mosque was opened in 1855 AD and the construction process took two years, and it is almost one of the most important mosques in the city at all, and it is located specifically on the sea coast. As for its architectural form, it is a mixture between the Ottoman and Western civilizations at the same time, because the period in which it was built was the emergence of Western currents, which helped in the formation of this distinctive edifice.

Second: The most important palaces in Turkey:

A country like Turkey that has been followed by many civilizations, it is natural to find in it many luxurious palaces that were dedicated to the Ottoman sultans, and through the following paragraphs you can see the details of Turkey's most important palaces:

1 – Beylerbeyi Palace:

This palace is located on the Asian side of Istanbul, specifically in the Uskudar region. It was built by order of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Aziz and was the headquarters for receiving heads of other countries and important personalities. The palace is distinguished by its location and overlooking the Bosphorus Strait. It was designed in a way that combines Western and Eastern art and contains 26 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 6 halls and many other departments.
The palace has a garden rich in many different trees, flowers and plants, and contains a statue and small lakes, and all these details helped it to be among the list of the most important tourist and historical places in Istanbul.

2-Khedive Palace:

The Khedive Ismail Palace is located in the Beykoz area on the Asian side of Istanbul and extends over an area of ​​1,000 square meters, simulating the palaces of Europe and the West. The palace contains 4 salons as well as many fountains made of alabaster. It is considered one of the most important places to visit in Istanbul and spend a good time in it to learn about a different culture.

3 - Topkapi Palace:

As for this palace, it is one of the largest palaces in Istanbul and Turkey in terms of area, as well as the most famous where visitors come from different countries of the world and it contains some of the belongings of the Prophet of Islam Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and it was a center for the administration of the Ottoman Empire for 4 centuries. It is indicated that it has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
In fact, we cannot provide an exact number of rooms in it, as it is estimated at hundreds of rooms and can accommodate more than four thousand people living in it at the same time, and this is enough to tell you which palaces we are talking about.

4- Dolmabahçe Palace:

This palace is located on the European side of Istanbul in an area called Beşiktaş, which overlooks the Bosphorus, which increased the importance of the palace and its touristic position, and in a period of time, it was the center of many of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire.
It is one of the largest Istanbul palaces in terms of space, as well as the most luxurious in terms of urbanization, construction and luxury. It contains 285 rooms and 46 halls, as well as a lot of gardens and green spaces.

5 - Yıldız Palace:

It is the fourth Ottoman palace that was built after the Islamic conquest and was taken as the seat of the Ottoman government and is at the present time a center for the presidency of the Turkish Republic. One of the important events that this palace witnessed was that it received German Caesar William II.

6- Ihlamur Palace:

It is also called the Linden Palace and was built during the reign of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majid and contains a lot of linden trees.

The most important tourist attractions in Turkey:

Briefly, through the following paragraphs, we will answer your various questions about the most important tourist attractions in Turkey. Follow these lines:

1-Antalya city:

Antalya is considered one of the most important tourist places in Turkey, as it contains many historical places, not to mention its golden sand beaches. It also has many resorts that attract large numbers of tourists, and the most important tourist destinations in it are the Ottoman palaces and the aquarium that displays many types of fish of different sizes and shapes.

2- The capital, Ankara:

The Turkish capital, Ankara, contains many important tourist destinations, including historical, archaeological and natural, where you find many parks, palaces, and others.

3 - Temple of Hardian:

It is very old, as it dates back to more than 3000 years ago, and important information about it is that it is one of the largest temples in the world and the largest in terms of area.

4- Alanya:

Alanya is a real tourism paradise with beautiful landscapes, beaches and sandy coasts, and one of the most important historical and tourist attractions is the Damlach Valley, there is the Archeology Museum and Dim Çayı Valley, and therefore it is one of the most important places suitable for spending a wonderful and beautiful time, especially since its climate resembles the properties of the Mediterranean, which is mild and beautiful.
This city contains a lot of restaurants and cafes of upscale and modern style, and also you will find many hotels that meet the needs of visitors and provide them with a good and distinctive place to stay.

5 - Cappadocia:

If you are interested in the tourism field, it is not possible that you have not heard about Cappadocia, which won the title of the city of balloons. This is the most famous activity in it, and you should know that it includes many important historical areas, churches, caves, and many of its landmarks formed by natural factors, that is, not man-made. This gave it a different character.

6- Historical Ephesus:

This city dates back to Greece and is characterized by the fact that it contains one of the most famous and most important temples in Turkey, the Temple of Artemis, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. Which is called (Selous Library).

The most important malls in Istanbul:

Away from the historical and archaeological places, there are many people, especially young people and lovers of international trends, fashion and modernity, who prefer to visit the malls, as it is an integrated entertainment place through which a lot of fun can be obtained, and since Istanbul is the first tourist destination for various tourists, the following will inform you about the most important of these malls city ​​fast:

1 - Cevahir Mall:

It was called the Mall of Arabia and is located on the European side of the city in an area called Şişli. It is classified as one of the largest commercial centers in Turkey, as it contains many shops and the most important international brands.

2- Galleria Mall:

It is one of the newest malls in Istanbul at all, and it is characterized by its wide area and containing the most important Turkish and international brands. It is distinguished from others that it accepts that the price of the purchased goods be paid by prepaid card.

3 - Venezia Mall:

This is a real example of the city of Venice in Italy, where the great similarity in architecture, where the canals that run between the shops and the small boats that transport the mall-goers from one place to another in it, and the mall contains about 200 stores.

4 - Istinye Mall:

This mall is located in the most luxurious and elegant area of ​​Istanbul (Sariyer). If you are a fan of following the latest developments in the world of fashion, you can visit it to buy all the international and local products that suit you.

5 - Mall of Istanbul:

This is one of the most famous malls in Istanbul and Europe in general, and it has won many international awards, although it is modern. It contains a cinema, a café, a children's playroom, and others.

6 - Sapphire Tower:

As for this building, it is the tallest building in Istanbul at all and includes many famous brands, restaurants and cafes inside.
(Note: It is not possible to refer to all Istanbul malls in this article, as their number is very large, and each has different features and specifications, but there are some qualities that they share, such as the competing prices of products compared to the costs that you will have to pay if we are talking about a tour in one of the European countries, this is in addition to the high-end international products suitable for lovers of excellence).

Why is tourism in Turkey booming?

Above, we talked about many destinations that you can visit in Turkey when you visit it, but in your opinion, what are the main motives that encourage choosing Turkey over other countries in the world, such as European countries, for example?
-Turkey is a global tourist destination, and in recent years it has witnessed a significant increase in the number of arrivals.
-Travel costs to Turkey are not very expensive as is the case with other countries around the world.
-It is possible to obtain a tourist residency that entitles you to stay in Turkey legally and without any violation.
-The residency can be renewed upon the expiry of its term by submitting an application 60 days before the expiry of the first.
-When we talk about tourism in Turkey, we are not referring to recreational trips only, but it has many dimensions that you will only realize when you try it.
-An important information about tourism in Turkey is that it has more than 1,700 tourist attractions.
-Turkey has more than 421 five-star hotels.
-Among the most popular tourists to Turkey are the Russians, as they are looking for a warm place where the weather is mild, in contrast to the situation in their country, which is very cold in all seasons of the year.
-There are many important tourist programs that take the tourist on wonderful tours and to the most prominent spots available in them.
-The Turkish government offers many facilities for tourists coming to it.

This is the most important information that interests you about tourism in Turkey and its types and its impact on the real estate sector. We wish that we had answered your various questions. For more details about the Turkish reality, you can follow our website constantly because we are keen to monitor you everything that interests you.
Our real estate consultant is waiting to present you with the most important real estate offers suitable for you and your financial balance .. Contact us and get a set of important consultations that help you make the right choice.

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