How to Get Real Estate Residency in Turkey 2022

Today, Turkey has become one of the developed countries in which life and living are characterized by a high degree of luxury, comfort and tranquility. It has a developed service structure that includes all fields, and therefore housing and living in it has become a demand for many people from different nationalities of the world. The Turkish government is working to grant multiple types of residencies to residents of new foreigners. One of these residencies is the real estate residency in Turkey, which grants those wishing to buy real estate in Turkey according to a set of conditions to be met.

What is real estate residency in Turkey?

It is an official document issued by the General Administration of Turkish Immigration to real estate investors in Turkey wishing to invest in real estate, it allows them to live and reside in Turkey, do business and carry out daily activities without experiencing problems, which prompted large numbers of investors to go to Turkey to get real estate residency by this way; buying real estate.

What is the duration of getting a real estate residency in Turkey?

The investor can get real estate residency in Turkey for a period of one or two years, according to the laws of the Turkish government, which provides for the possibility of allowing the competent authorities and immigration directorates to grant foreign investors wishing to get Turkish real estate residency this residency for a period of not less than one year and not more than two years, subject to renewal.
As for the renewal of the Turkish real estate residency, it is very easy, as the owner must only prove that he continues to own a Turkish property by making sure that the property is still registered in the General Real Estate Department (Tabu Directorate) of the Turkish government authorities to be able to renew his residency.

Conditions for obtaining real estate residency 2022:

The Turkish government has endeavored with all its efforts to facilitate real estate purchases in Turkey for foreigners and worked on enacting a set of decisions that would encourage real estate investment in Turkey, including the possibility of getting real estate residency by purchasing a property, but according to a set of conditions to be followed to allow the investor to submit papers.

What are the requirements for obtaining real estate residency?

1-Buying a property in Turkey for housing:

-it is granted for a foreigner who buys a property in Turkey, regardless of the type of property, apartment - a house - a villa, but provided that it is for the investor's own residence, in other words, it is not a commercial property.

2-The foreigner should not be one of the nationalities prohibited from granting real estate residency:

-The Turkish government instructions provide for the granting of real estate residency to most international nationalities, except for the foreigner who holds the following nationalities:
-North Korean
- Cuban

3-The property should not be in the areas where purchases for foreigners are prohibited:

Turkish instructions stipulate that the number of foreigners in one region should not exceed 10% of the total population of the region.
Where the Turkish government prevented granting real estate residency to the investor who buys a property in some areas and neighborhoods of Istanbul in order to maintain an equal distribution of foreigners in the Turkish lands, after the number of investors and residents of Istanbul increased in recent years, who concentrated and gathered in some areas at the expense of other areas, which prompted the Turkish government to issue this decision and amend the real estate residency law to ease the pressure of foreigners on these areas and preserve the Turkish identity.
It also prevented real estate purchases in areas close to military centers and regions, and therefore the investor will not be able to obtain real estate residency if he chooses a property within these areas

4-The property price should not be less than 75,000 US dollars:

When the Turkish government enacted the decision authorizing the concerned authorities to grant real estate residency to foreigners, the decision did not include a specific value condition for the property, but with the increase in the number of investors for real estate in Turkey, the Turkish government pushed for amendments to the previous law, including setting a minimum property limit under which real estate residency is allowed.

5-Documents of ownership of the property:

-A foreign investor who holds the legal documents supporting the process of buying a Turkish property is allowed to get real estate residency.

6-Having insurances for the property:

The real estate that entitles the investor to get real estate residency through it must be subject to a set of insurances, including:
-“DASK” or the so-called seismic insurance for buildings
-Building insurance

7-Having health insurance:

-An investor who wishes to get real estate residency must have his own health insurance and all his family members if they have been in Turkey for at least two years.
8-Having a monthly income of at least 500$.

Documents required to obtain real estate residence in Turkey 2022:

1- Special application for real estate residency:
The application sheet contains general, personal information of the investor
-A family statement if the investor has children under the age of 18, stamped and certified by the Turkish Consulate
2-Investor's passport
The passport must have a validity period of not less than 6 months
3-Visa with a new entry stamp for the investor
The investor must hold a visa stamped with a new date from the Turkish Immigration and Passports Department
4-Translated and certified family booklet
5-4 personal photos
6-Investor's bank account
7-Title deed document
8-Property insurance documents
9-Medical insurance documents for the investor and his family.

How to apply for real estate residency:

The process of getting real estate residency must go through a series of successive steps according to the mechanism established by the Turkish government and the authorities responsible for granting it. The steps can be summarized as follows:
-Preparing all the required papers to get the residency
-Booking an appointment for the investor to submit the needed papers, and this is done through the website of the General Directorate of Immigration in Turkey or by phone
-Choosing one of the Immigration and Passports branches of the General Directorate of Immigration and Passports - Ministry of Interior in Turkey, who has a prior appointment
-Submit all required papers and verify all conditions stipulated in the instructions of the Turkish authorities 2022
-The investor must pay the required fees to obtain a real estate residency
-Wait for the residency grant to be approved and check the submitted papers
-Sending the real estate residency after its issuance to the permanent address written on the application.

What are the fees and costs of real estate residency in Turkey:

The costs of getting Turkish real estate residency are simple and easy compared to other residencies available which include health insurance - seismic insurance for buildings - and fees related to the real estate ownership document, which depends on the value of the property to be purchased, which is 9.7% of the total property price, and the fees for obtaining the real estate appraisal document, in addition to some other fees related to the taxes to be paid, and this tax includes the owner of the property, his wife and his children.

Motives for getting real estate residency in Turkey:

Getting real estate residency in Turkey is one of the most important goals pursued by most investors who go to Turkey to buy real estate and live in it. Turkey, which has a charming nature and a wonderful climate, is a country that was and still is a desirable destination for foreigners of different nationalities for several reasons:

-living standard:

What distinguishes the standard of living in Turkey is the low cost of living compared to neighboring countries and European countries.

-Economic level:

Turkey today has a strong economy that is competitive and resistant to many challenges and problems.

-Political level:

Turkey enjoys a friendly position and friendships with various world countries, which positively affected the normality of political life in it.

-Security level:

What distinguishes Turkey is security stability and a quiet life free from violence and instability
The Turkish government today offers opportunities to get Turkish real estate residency and live in Turkey so that the foreign investor can enjoy many benefits and advantages of living in Turkey, hence are the motives for getting Turkish real estate residency.

Advantages of obtaining real estate residency in Turkey:

Obtaining Turkish real estate residency is a goal and an opportunity for foreign investors, as it is a right of the investor who owns a property and fulfills all the conditions through which he is allowed to obtain it. Once he owns the document proving his purchase of a property which price is not less than 75,000 US dollars, he will get what brings him many benefits, including:
-The investor and his family, including his wife and children under the age of 18, are granted residency and live in Turkey in accordance with and implementation of the country's laws.
-Ease of residency procedures to apply for
-Ease of transactions for renewal processes
-Ease of doing daily chores and activities
-Ease of movement between different Turkish cities
-Expand his real estate investment business in Turkey
-Obtaining free government services provided to citizens
-The right to education in Turkish public schools and universities
-Get free services in Turkish government hospitals
-Obtaining all rights of citizenship in Turkey
- Obtaining permanent residency in Turkey after 8 years of getting Turkish real estate residency, but the investor is required not to have left Turkey for more than 3 months during the period of residence.
-Obtaining Turkish citizenship when fulfilling the condition for granting citizenship stipulated by Turkish law. This can be done when owning a Turkish property with a value of at least 400,000 US dollars.
-The costs of getting a Turkish real estate residency are simple and easy compared to other residencies that are granted.

The importance of obtaining real estate residency in Turkey:

There is no doubt that obtaining real estate residency in Turkey is of great importance to the foreign investor:
-Obtaining Turkish real estate residency is a starting point for the investor to expand his real estate investment projects, and thus strongly go to the real estate market in Turkey and buy more real estate, especially because the market today is witnessing activity and rise in daily sales, due to the increase in internal and external demand for Turkish real estate, the increase in internal demand by the Turks is due to the increasing population and the need to own housing, while the increase in external demand is due to the fact that Turkish real estate, which has become the destination of many real estate investors today, is one of the best opportunities to achieve success and thus achieve profits and increase the financial balance owned by the investor.
-Obtaining it entitles the investor to live and reside in a state with distinct political sovereignty that enjoys a high degree of security and stability in addition to the appropriate standard of living for the different requirements, a state that enjoys a high and developed service structure that affects most sectors.
-Through it, foreign investors were also able to obtain a Turkish passport that entitles them to enter most of the world's countries, after expanding the investment business of real estate in Turkey and obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing real estate in an amount of not less than 400 thousand US dollars.

Frequently asked questions about real estate residency in Turkey:

Is it permissible to grant the Syrian Arab investor real estate residency in Turkey?

According to Turkish laws, an investor with Syrian nationality cannot buy a property in Turkey and therefore will not be able to obtain a real estate residency, but he can get another type of residency granted by the Turkish government, such as the residency for refugees.

Is it possible to grant real estate residency to an Iraqi investor?

Yes, it is permissible. An investor with Iraqi nationality can buy a property in Turkey and therefore he can get it if he buys a property which price is not less than 75,000 US dollars.

Can an investor who buys a property in the Fatih get otain a real estate residency?

A foreigner who buys a property in the Fatih area cannot get real estate residency under any circumstances, according to the new government amendments, as is the case in many areas, such as the Esenyurt area in Istanbul.

Can real estate residency be granted to family members of the investor?

According to the recent government amendments, real estate residency can be granted to the owner’s family if their names are registered in the title deed, meaning that the property must be registered in the names of family members through certain shares for each individual.

Do the amendment decisions for the year 2022 include those who obtained real estate residency in the past?

According to what was published on the website of the Immigration Department in Turkey, the recent amendments to the law on granting real estate residency will not include foreigners who obtain real estate residency before the entry into force of the new decision.
In general, the Turkish government periodically seeks to control and issue laws related to granting real estate residency in Turkey, and therefore until the date of publishing this article we have talked about how to obtain real estate residency and the many advantages it provides to the holder of it and the most important conditions that the investor must achieve in order to be able to submit the required papers.

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