Obtaining Turkish Citizenship Through Real Estate Investment

Some recent amendments have been issued to the laws related to obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey, according to which the foreigner has the right to obtain it in the case of buying a property for an amount of 400,000 US dollars, after the value of the property was previously estimated at one million dollars, provided that not to sell it until after a period of 3 years has passed, and the last of these amendments to obtaining citizenship was the purchase of a property that is under construction, that is, unfinished, and this is what we will learn about in the following lines, so follow us.

The latest news about Turkish citizenship:

One of the Turkish officials revealed that there are 20,000 investors and more who have benefited greatly from the opportunities to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment.
It is worth noting that after the amendment issued by the Turkish government regarding the naturalization decision, obtaining Turkish citizenship has become easier than before, and several methods have been put forward, including investment, real estate ownership and bank deposit, through which they can be obtained.
 There is no doubt that the idea of ​​obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate ownership is the best and most feasible way, through which you can combine the opportunity to obtain housing in one of the beautiful cities of Turkey, and the opportunity to live in a developed country in all areas of life that any person desires.
With the possibility of benefiting from the property by renting it, in case you do not want to live in it, or profit by investing it by reselling it again after a period of 3 years from its purchase, you can achieve a profitable return.

What are the benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Investors in Turkey get many advantages and benefits, which the state grants to anyone who wishes to obtain citizenship, and these advantages are divided into the following:
-The investor obtains Turkish citizenship, along with any member of his family (husband / wife / children under the age of 18) within a period of two months.
-Citizenship gives its holders the ability to purchase any immovable property in Turkey with a value exceeding 400,000$, allowing them to sell it again after three years, and get profits and potential gains, given the booming Turkish real estate market.
-After obtaining Turkish citizenship, the property owner has the right to rent the property and achieve an investment return.
-Actual residence in Turkey is not required before or after obtaining Turkish citizenship.
-After obtaining Turkish citizenship, you have the right to obtain a US visa.

What are the conditions for obtaining citizenship by purchasing a property?

The recent amendments have played an important role in accelerating the pace of foreign and Arab investors' demand to own property in Turkey for the purpose of obtaining citizenship. Indeed, the investors succeeded in obtaining it after fulfilling the following conditions:
-Purchasing a single property, or a group of properties, for an amount of at least 400,000 US dollars, or its equivalent in Turkish lira, which is determined according to the exchange rate when selling.
-It is necessary for the property buyer to have a nationality that follows the citizenship decision in return for owning a property, as there are some nationalities that are not included in the text of the naturalization law in Turkey, including: Syria and North Korea.
-The property buyer must commit not to sell the property for a period exceeding three years from the moment of purchase.
-A foreigner who wishes to obtain citizenship must attend a real estate appraisal report issued by a company specialized in the real estate appraisal process, with the need for this company to be officially approved by the Turkish government.
-The property owner is required to register the property in Turkey in the form of a regular form in the Title Deed Department.
-The specified value of the property must be paid by bank transfer.
-This property must be purchased from a Turkish person or from a Turkish real estate company.

Documents required to obtain Turkish citizenship:

-Bring a copy of the title deed of the property, and you can also submit a copy of the contract of the promise to sell, and it must be certified by the notary “Notre in Turkey”.
-The real estate appraisal report must be brought: issued by an accredited institution in the state of Turkey, and it is essential that the report period does not exceed 3 months from the date of submitting the citizenship application.
-It is necessary that the amount written in the real estate appraisal report be consistent with the amount written in the title deed.
-All original payment receipts must be brought from the buyer's bank account, so that the total value of these receipts exceeds 400,000 US dollars, and this is a prerequisite for applying for Turkish citizenship.
-All receipts receivable in the seller's bank account must be brought.
 -It is necessary to make a power of attorney from the buyer to a lawyer who was born in Turkey and holds citizenship, in order to submit the file of Turkish citizenship, and one joint power of attorney can be made for both partners.
-It is necessary to bring a copy of the passport for each family member translated into Turkish by a translator certified by “Notre”.
-Bring the birth certificate or other document proving the birth information for each family member, translated and certified.
-A tax number must be obtained for each family member.
-With the need to bring proof of payment of the Turkish citizenship application tax.
-An exceptional Turkish citizenship application form is required.
And to bring the civil status document represented in the marriage contract or any other document, translated into the Turkish language and certified.
-Bringing the family statement document or the family booklet translated into Turkish and certified.
-Bring 2 personal photos for each family member.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property:

There are several stages that each person goes through in order to obtain Turkish citizenship. These stages are as follows.
-The person must specify the type of property he wishes to choose (whether it is an apartment, shop or land), with the need to pay a deposit to reserve it.
-It is necessary for the person to have a real estate appraisal report for this property.
-After that, the person must transfer the price of the property through a bank transfer to the account of the seller of the property, whether it is a person or a company.
-The person must also seek receipts to complete the transfer from the bank.
-It is also necessary to transfer ownership and obtain the deed.
-A pledge must be added not to sell the property for 3 years, so that he can obtain Turkish citizenship.
-It is necessary to bring the matching document issued by the Title Deed Department, which indicates that this property is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship.
-The investor's residency is issued to the applicant only only, within a short period after which the national number is obtained, and then the Turkish citizenship.
-After that, all the papers are prepared, as you are required to submit them as a file, and that file must contain the title deed and the rest of the real estate files, and the lawyer must prepare the rest of the papers.

Other nationalities seeking Turkish citizenship:

There is no doubt that there are other nationalities seeking to obtain Turkish citizenship, but due to special circumstances, some of these nationalities may need to prepare additional papers when applying for Turkish citizenship.
It is worth noting that Palestinians who hold travel documents from other countries must obtain a residence permit in Turkey, before they buy a property.
But if their properties match the special conditions related to Turkish citizenship, they are entitled to submit their files to the concerned authorities.
However, there are some recent decisions that exempt them from this, and it has become the right of Palestinians to own real estate directly inside Turkey, regardless of the type of document or passport they hold, and accordingly they have the right to apply for citizenship in exchange for buying a property, like any other investor.
As for citizens who live in a country and do not hold its citizenship, they can own real estate in Turkey, after they obtain a residency, and then they have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship, but this is achieved if the conditions of the Turkish Nationality Law apply to them.
It is worth noting that the owners of Egyptian nationality have the right to buy any type of real estate in Turkey, and once they purchase a property that has the recognized characteristics, they have the right to apply for Turkish citizenship, but agricultural lands are excluded from these properties, which they can only buy after Establishing a company, and then registering the land in the name of the commercial company, and not in the name of the Egyptian person, and this assures us that agricultural lands are not commensurate with granting Turkish citizenship to Egyptians.
As for Syrian nationals, it is necessary that they issue a residence permit in Turkey, and then establish a company, and then they can buy a property and register it in the name of this company, which increases their chances of obtaining exceptional Turkish citizenship.

How to obtain Turkish citizenship and passport:

As someone who thinks of living in Turkey? Seek to work in this country permanently, or if you have a desire to apply for Turkish citizenship, all you have to do is follow some of the simple methods that the state of Turkey provides to the incoming population.
It is worth noting that these methods are simple and easy for all those who wish, as you can obtain them through naturalization, marriage or through investment, and this is what we will learn about in the following lines, so follow us.

Citizenship by naturalization:

It has now become the right for anyone living in Turkey legally for several years (as determined by the Turkish government), to apply for citizenship through naturalization, and this method is considered one of the most popular ways to obtain citizenship.
Also, if this person who seeks citizenship has lived in Turkey for more than five years, using a work visa or a student visa, he is thus more qualified to become a naturalized citizen who can apply for Turkish citizenship.

Citizenship by marriage:

There is also another way to obtain Turkish citizenship, which is to marry a Turkish citizen, and thus you can obtain Turkish citizenship, within a period not exceeding 3 years, and it is necessary to inform the foreign consulate of this marriage, but after that marriage you will get a two-year visa, which can be extended, through which you can work and live in Turkey, and after 3 years, obtain Turkish citizenship.

Turkish citizenship by investment:

 There are many options that enable you to obtain Turkish citizenship through investment, which have come as follows:

1. Buying a property and obtaining residency:

Anyone can obtain Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property worth more than 400 thousand US dollars, and the papers of this property must be in order, and the seller must be a citizen born on Turkish lands, and not a person who obtained Turkish citizenship after fulfilling the conditions established by the Turkish government.

2. Investing with a specific amount of money:

A sum of money has been determined, which is 500 thousand US dollars. A person wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship purchases bonds from a bank in Turkey with this amount, and after it is confirmed that this amount has already been purchased with the bonds, the person has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship.

3- Bank deposit:

In the desire of the Turkish government to facilitate ways to obtain Turkish citizenship for those wishing to obtain it, it has developed this clause, which anyone who wishes to obtain citizenship can deposit an amount of 500 thousand US dollars in a bank in Turkey, and then obtain it, and it is considered one of the easy things that can be achieved without any trouble.

4. Obtaining Turkish citizenship by providing job opportunities:

Anyone who has a company or institution, and desires to get citizenship, is required to provide 50 job opportunities for local citizens in the state of Turkey, and in the event that the person can meet these requirements, he is eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship.

Advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship and passport:

There are many advantages that a holder of Turkish citizenship enjoys, which are:
-A holder of Turkish citizenship can travel without a visa to more than 110 countries around the world, including (Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea)
-He can also obtain an (E-2) visa for the United States of America easily, through which all Turkish citizens can move to and from the United States, with the possibility of establishing commercial projects there.
-Every person who lives on the land of Turkey and holds its citizenship has many rights and also has duties towards this country. Like other Turkish citizens, he must enjoy free medical care, hospitals, and all health and treatment services, as well as free school education as well as university education, and institutes.
From what we have mentioned to you, it becomes clear that this was just a simple and detailed overview of the papers required for Turkish citizenship, and we are pleased to be with you step by step through our distinguished services that we provide to you, starting with matters related to choosing the property that fits the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship, until the completion of submitting your complete file, in order to obtain Turkish citizenship.

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