Properties for Sale in Şişli Istanbul 2022

The real estate for sale in Şişli Istanbul is one of the most sought - after properties in the real estate market in Istanbul. Şişli is the most famous area in the areas located on the European side of Istanbul, which is one of the most important luxury areas for tourists of different nationalities.

Properties for sale in Şişli Istanbul:

What distinguishes this region is the nature of luxury that dominates the types of real estate in it, where we find a remarkable spread of luxury apartments such as penthouses and apartments equipped with smart technologies, as well as tourist villas and villas designed with contemporary and modern urban designs similar to European designs:

Geographical importance of Şişli, Istanbul:

Şişli is strategically located in the city of Istanbul, so that it is geographically central to the city of Istanbul and surrounded by many tourist areas such as the Sultanahmet area and the famous Beşiktaş area, which is known to receive large numbers of tourists every year. Therefore, this area has great geographical importance in Istanbul.

The historical significance of Şişli, Istanbul:

This area has a great historical importance, and this importance is represented by the heritage it enjoys, which was considered the countryside of Istanbul, and whose history tells of the fishing and agricultural work that its people were professional in.

The touristic importance of Şişli, Istanbul:

Şişli, located in Istanbul, is considered one of the most important tourist areas in it, due to the presence of many elements of tourism that attract investors to buy real estate in it.

Reasons to buy real estate in Şişli, Istanbul:

There are many reasons that drive investors to buy real estate in the Şişli area, including :

1-Diversity of real estate prices in the region to meet different desires:

What distinguishes the real estate market in Şişli is the high prices compared to the neighboring areas. The person wishing to invest in real estate can allocate a medium budget for his investment project and go to the real estate market in Istanbul to buy real estate and to determine the appropriate price for the allocated budget, the investor must take note of some things that can determine the price of the property in Şişli.

-real estate location:

 It plays a major role in determining the value of the property in terms of price and importance. The closer the property is to the city center and service infrastructure centers, the higher the value of the price of this property.

-property view:

It is possible to set a large difference in the price, especially if it is a view of the beach or a tourist attraction.

-real estate cladding:

One of the most important factors affecting the financial return, the higher the quality of the cladding, its types and beauty, the more it attracts a number of sales or rentals, so the customer always looks for a good or at least average cladding, and each type of this cladding sets a single price for the property.
Therefore, these prices in this area of ​​Istanbul attract more investors to buy real estate, and thus the demand in the real estate market in Istanbul increases, which means increased opportunities for real estate selling, which means the success of the investment.

2-Active real estate movement of the real estate market in the region:

What the real estate market is witnessing in Şişli today in terms of buying and selling movements, rising indicators and expectations that indicate the continuation of the rising index in the coming years prompted more investors to go there to invest and buy real estate, and thus the demand for the real estate market in the region will increase, which means that prices will continue to rise, which means the success of the investment of the existing investors and increase the chance of success for upcoming investors wishing to invest in the near future.

3- The luxury real estate that exist:

The investor can find real estate for sale in Şişli, Istanbul that has a set of specifications. These specifications are the large area, the regular distribution of rooms and public facilities, the good paint for the walls of the property, and the appropriate location of the property so that this location is either in the city center overlooking commercial markets or the like or in a natural area rich in green spaces and nature reserves, and also that the view of the property is beautiful and attractive and that the furniture of the property is luxurious and suitable for living in it.

4-Utilizing the property for residential use:

Whoever buys a property in Şişli can invest in it through housing and live in it, and the residence in the property can be permanent or temporary.

5-Business investment potential:

Anyone who buys a property in Şişli can invest in it by selling, renting or mortgaging it. In all cases, it is a process that gives the investor great profits and continuous or at once financial returns depending on the type of investment in it.

6-Recreational facilities in the area:

The Şişli area includes a large number of famous markets and malls, such as Cevahir Mall, in addition to the many luxury restaurants, cafes, and various entertainment venues.

7-Strong infrastructure of the area:

This region is characterized by the provision of strong service infrastructure such as transportation, paved roads, and the provision of the necessary schools, hospitals and service environments. This makes life in this region easier and more elegant and increases the number of people wishing to live or invest in it.

The most important neighborhoods to buy real estate in Şişli Istanbul:

There are many residential neighborhoods affiliated with Şişli, Istanbul, in which it is possible for a person looking for a property for sale to find what he wants, and from these neighborhoods we mention:

-Pangalti neighborhood:

It is one of the most important neighborhoods of Istanbul in general, and this neighborhood includes the famous St. James Hospital, as well as the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, which makes it a distinguished place for religious tourism.

-kuştepe neighborhood:

This neighborhood is considered a socially middle - class neighborhood and includes a large number of new immigrants who left the countryside to live in the city, and this neighborhood became very developed after the opening of Bilji University.

-Kurtuluş neighborhood:

This neighborhood is home to many famous artists and actors, and all the buildings in it have been restored, and this is within the framework of urban modernization projects launched by the Turkish government, where the state is restoring historical buildings, with the aim of providing tourist places with an ancient architectural character.

Real estate investment in Şişli, Istanbul:

After the facilities that the Turkish government worked on to support foreign investors in order to encourage real estate investment and purchase real estate, it allowed many nationalities to buy real estate, especially after the principle of reciprocity was abolished, and a set of laws and instructions were enacted to reduce taxes imposed on investors and grant them real estate residency or Turkish citizenship when a set of conditions are met.
These facilities have received more demand from foreign investors, Arabs and other nationalities from different countries of the world, and the Şişli, Istanbul area had a special desire from most investors because of the advantages that the region enjoys and the great importance of real estate investment in it, which is characterized as an opportunities and winning cards in the real estate markets in Istanbul.
In conclusion, we can say that this area is of great importance in the real estate markets in Istanbul, and therefore when you find real estate for sale in Şişli,Istanbul, do not hesitate, but take and follow the right steps to buy real estate and seize the opportunity to make profits.

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