Turkish Citizenship by Buying a Property in Turkey

The Turkish government has provided many advantages to real estate investors in Turkey in addition to many facilities, in order to attract investment attention towards real estate in it.

The decision to get Turkish citizenship is one of the most important advantages that attracted real estate investors, and the topic of our article today is to talk about everything related to Turkish citizenship by buying a property in Turkey.

Turkish citizenship law by buying a property in Turkey:

The Turkish government has made amendments to the law on obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property, and it is more correct to say that it thus provides many facilities for investors in the field of real estate.

It provides the opportunity for large numbers of foreigners wishing to get Turkish citizenship. A foreigner who buys a property or a group of properties worth 400,000 dollars can apply for Turkish citizenship, after the value of the property needed to obtain citizenship was one million dollars.

This amendment met with the many advantages granted by Turkish citizenship to its holder, in addition to the advantages of real estate investment and life in Turkey. Together, these reasons give preference to Turkey over various countries of the world and make it the focus of attention of foreign investors in the field of real estate, and various other areas of investment.

Conditions for getting Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property:

Each law has some conditions associated with it, and we mention the most important conditions associated with the law of getting Turkish citizenship in return for buying a property in Turkey:

-As we mentioned earlier, the first and most important condition is that the property value is at least 400,000 $.

-The buyer should submit a pledge not to sell the property before three years have passed since the date of its purchase.

-The property must be regularly registered in the Real Estate Possession Department.

-The law does not apply to old properties owned by the investor before the decision was issued, but rather includes new properties that are purchased after the date of its issuance.

-The foreign investor must buy his property from a person of Turkish origin, or from a Turkish company.

-It is not permissible for more than one person to buy the same property in order to get Turkish citizenship.

-It is required that the property has not been used by another person in order to get citizenship.

-It is also required that the applicant for citizenship should not be of one of the nationalities that the Turkish government prohibits from owning in its territory, or naturalizing its nationality.

-Payment for the property must be made by bank transfer through a Turkish bank.

-The investor must get a real estate appraisal document recognized by the Turkish Real Estate Department, proving that the value of the property exceeds 400 thousand dollars.

-The evaluation date should not be more than three months old.

-The age of the owner applying forTurkish citizenshipmust be over 18 years old.

-The applicant must have a document proving that he is free from any mental illness.

Turkish government facilities related to Turkish citizenship:

The Turkish government has provided many additional facilities to get Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property in Turkey, including:

-The Turkish government did not require the foreign investor to buy a single property that fulfills the condition of applying for Turkish citizenship, but he can buy a group of properties worth 400 thousand dollars.

-The Turkish government did not specify the type of real estate for foreign investors, but rather they have the right to choose the type of property they want to own.

-Whoever buys a property in Turkey by installments has the right to apply for Turkish citizenship and enjoy all the available benefits, as is the case with those who buy a property and pay in cash.

-The decision also includes those who buy a property in Turkey that is under construction, or on the scheme.

-The investor is not required to reside in Turkey, and the government has not established any laws that impose a specific period of residence for the real estate investor in Turkey to get citizenship.

-Dual nationalities are allowed, as the real estate investor does not have to give up his original nationality in exchange for getting Turkish citizenship.

-The wife of an investor who has Turkish citizenship and his children under the age of 18 have the right to get the citizenship as well.

-A foreign investor can buy property in any of the Turkish states without exception.

-The Turkish government has similarly abolished the law of ownership, which prevents citizens of countries that prevent Turks from owning property in their lands, from owning in Turkey.

Thus, it gave an opportunity for more nationalities to own real estate in Turkey, and to get Turkish citizenship.

-In addition to reducing the value of the additional tax, the combined tax rate has decreased from 18% to 7 or 8%. It thus equalized between the foreign investor and Turkish citizens in real estate taxes.

The problem faced by those who buy a property by installments:

The Turkish government has made it possible to buy a property by installments in order to get Turkish citizenship, if its value exceeds 400,000 dollars and meets all conditions.

But in some cases, the foreign investor faces the problem of the possession title where some real estate companies refrain from giving it to the investor before the completion of the entire installment period.

Therefore, a foreigner wishing to get Turkish citizenship must pay attention to the possibility of having the possession title before any other step.

Documents required to get Turkish citizenship:

After purchasing the property, the foreign investor is required to apply for Turkish citizenship.

A set of papers is required, namely:

-A copy of the passport, translated and certified by a notary.

-A translated and certified copy of the passport for both the wife and children, if the owner wishes to give citizenship to his wife and children.

-A family booklet translated and certified by the notary, or a translated and certified family statement document.

-Clearance papers for each of the property owner, his wife and children, translated and certified by the notary public.

-Two personal photos of each of the applicant for citizenship, his wife and children.

-A copy of the property possession title.

-Real estate appraisal document.

-Paid receipt of the full amount paid, stamped by the bank with which the funds were transferred to.

-Receipts from the previous property owner, or construction company and must be stamped by the bank from which the receipt was made.

-Turkish citizenship application form.

-The applicant states in his application if he has applied for naturalization for his wife and children.

-Non-convicted documents certified from inside Turkey for the property owner, his wife and childrenÇ

Stages of getting Turkish citizenship by buying a property:

The necessary stages can be summarized in three ones, namely:

Choosing the Property,In the beginning, the investor should think about choosing the right property that fulfills the necessary conditions for getting citizenship, in addition to having the specifications that guarantee its owner a good residence or a profitable investment in the future.

Purchasing the property after getting the real estate appraisal and registering it in a regular manner at the Land Registry.

-Getting a real estateresidency in Turkey for an appropriate period.

-Preparing the necessary papers to apply for citizenship.

-Applying for Turkish citizenship.

The importance of real estate appraisal for a foreign investor:

Real estate appraisal is a kind of protection that the Turkish government provides to foreign investors in real estate. This is in order to create a safe investment environment, away from any real estate fraud that the investor may face as a result of not having sufficient experience in the field of real estate investment, or the failure to inform him of all the information related to the real estate market in Turkey, which may lead him to fall victim to fraud or money lose.

The real estate appraisal is a document that includes the real value that the property deserves and that is commensurate with the real estate market in Turkey. The document also includes everything related to the property and the services available, in addition to all the details that justify its entitlement to the value written in the appraisal.

Conditions for getting a real estate appraisal:

-It must be prepared by a competent expert, or a specialized real estate company that Has a real estate appraisal license recognized by the Turkish government.

-It should not expire, which extends to three months from the date of its preparation.

Duration of getting Turkish citizenship:

After purchasing a property, the period required to get Turkish citizenship depends on several factors, but the most important of them is the period required to process the papers required to submit an application for naturalization. Some nationalities require more papers than others, so they take longer to prepare.

In addition to the security study period that determines the possibility of the applicant getting citizenship, these periods together take a maximum of six to seven months to get Turkish citizenship and personal identity.

Why do I choose to get Turkish citizenship by buying a property?

-Lower real estate prices:

Real estate prices in Turkey are low compared to real estate prices in various other countries. Therefore, the required amount of ownership can guarantee the investor to have more than one property.

Safe real estate investment:

The Turkish real estate investment market is considered one of the best and most successful investment markets, which guarantees many profits for investors.

Ease of granting citizenship to the family:

A foreign real estate investor who gets Turkish citizenship can easily grant it to his family.

Convenience in choosing the type of property:

The Turkish government did not specify to the investor the type of property to be purchased in order to get Turkish citizenship, and therefore opened the doors of various real estate investment in Turkey.

The fastest and easiest way:

The way to get Turkish citizenship by buying real estate is the easiest, and it takes less time compared to other methods.

Selling the property after getting citizenship:

Many investors wonder about the possibility of selling the property after getting Turkish citizenship, and in fact, they cannot sell it before three years have passed since the date of its purchase, and the owner will write a pledge not to sell it and register this pledge in the title deed.

Advantages of getting Turkish citizenship:

-Enjoying the full rights available to Turkish citizens.

-Getting a Turkish passport, which is considered one of the most important and powerful passports in the world.

-It allows its holder to travel to 70 countries without the need for a visa.

-Entry and exit to and from Turkey without the need for a visa.

-The right to own, sell and buy in Turkey.

-Participation in elections in addition to the right to run for office.

-Enjoying the educational and health services available to Turkish citizens.

-The right to work in various jobs, as well as access to special jobs that Turkish citizens do not have the right to access.

Obtaining Turkish citizenship

Why choose Turkey:

Turkey has many advantages that distinguish it from different countries of the world and make it a destination for investment and residence.

Its most important characteristic:

Strategic location:

Turkey occupies one of the most important locations between the continents, which makes it a suitable place for various investments.

The beauty of nature and the turnout of tourists:

Turkey has a diversity of terrain between marine and mountainous in addition to the long history it has.

This is what led to tourists coming to it from all sides to enjoy its tourist and archaeological attractions.

Turkish economy:

The Turkish economy has become one of the most important global economies. This has increased the importance of Turkey and the demand for investors towards it.

low living standards:

Turkey is characterized by the low cost of living, many foreigners have found the possibility of enjoying a life of luxury within Turkey, to the extent required for a normal life in their country.

Social life:

The Turkish people are among the friendliest people in the world. Foreigners residing in Turkey enjoy an atmosphere of social intimacy and would never feel isolated.

political stability:

Turkey is considered one of the safe countries, where foreigners find refuge from the crises that their country is experiencing.

Distinguished investment return:

Real estate investors in Turkey enjoy a distinguished and guaranteed investment return, as the real estate investment market in Turkey is very active and safe.

The most frequently asked questions about obtaining Turkish citizenship by buying a property:

-Is a person who gets citizenship by buying a property considered a second-class citizen?

No, the citizenship in this case is considered full citizenship, and the holder enjoys all the rights of the original Turkish citizen.

-Do you have to pay the price of the property in dollar or Lira?

The price of the property does not have to be paid in dollars, it can be paid in Turkish lira, equivalent to the value required to get Turkish citizenship.

-Can I benefit from the property in investment after getting Turkish citizenship?

Yes, the property can be used by investing it in rent and benefiting from its returns.

-Is a specific period of time required to purchase more than one property in order to get Turkish citizenship?

There is no specific time required to purchase real estate, and purchases can be made during separate periods, with the need to get a real estate appraisal for each property.

-Can I get Turkish citizenship by buying a property under a mortgage?

No, it is not possible to get citizenship by owning a mortgaged property, but the mortgage must be released first.

-In the case of polygamy, is it possible to grant Turkish citizenship to all wives?

No, the investor with Turkish citizenship must choose one wife who will grant her citizenship.

-Did I become obligated to compulsory service after getting Turkish citizenship?

Anyone over the age of 21 is exempted from compulsory service.

-What are the other ways to get Turkish citizenship?

-There are several ways to get Turkish citizenship other than buying a property, which are:

*Depositing an amount of 500,000 $ or more in a Turkish bank.

*Depositing 500,000 $in a government investment project in Turkey.

*Establishing a company or factory in Turkey with a value of at least 500 thousand dollars.

*Employing 50 Turkish citizens for a period of three years.

*Turkish citizenship by marriage.

-Is the citizenship I get by buying a property in Turkey permanent?

Yes, citizenship is granted to the real estate investor permanently after all conditions are met.

-Can I get another citizenship with Turkish citizenship?

Yes, Turkish citizenship allows dual citizenship, so the holder of citizenship can retain his mother citizenship or combine Turkish citizenship with another one.

-What are the rights of a Turkish citizen granted by Turkish citizenship?

The right to own, buy and sell in Turkey, and the right to start investing and have a bank account, and the right to establish his own business.

Turkish nationality is one of the most important nationalities that ensures its owner enjoys the life of Turkish citizenship, which is full of advantages.

Real estate investment is the best way to get Turkish citizenship and to ensure a good and lasting return.

If you would like to get more information on the subject of obtaining Turkish citizenship or any other aspect of the real estate market in Turkey, you can follow our website constantly and communicate with our real estate advisor.

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