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The city of Istanbul is characterized by the fact that it contains many important strategic projects, which are classified as part of the advanced infrastructure that was able to compete with the most important countries in the world. After the new Istanbul airport, the new water canal and other projects that were announced, it announced the new Istanbul financial center, which It will cause a strong repercussion and will have an important impact on the economic field and the real estate sector.

In this article, we will be keen to shed light on its most prominent details. If the topic interests you, follow us until the end.

About the new Istanbul financial center :

First of all, this center is the first of its kind in the world and not only in Istanbul, and its presence will encourage investment in the city and make the Asian part in which it is located at the top of prosperity and development.

What should be mentioned in this regard is that the project is still under construction and its construction work is in full swing. According to the responsible authorities, the main objective of building this center is to be one of the first ten financial centers in the world.

It will also be the main center of money in the region and will attract capital from the Middle East and from European countries.

One of the basic information about this center is that it will secure job opportunities for more than seventy thousand employees, and access to it will be very easy, as it is located in the Atasehir area, which is supplied by many public transportation lines.

A wide range of Turkish banks such as Halk, Ziraat Bank, Vakif Bank and others have requested to be included in the new center.

The new center attracted the attention of investors :

According to the statement of the concerned authorities, since the announcement of this center, Ataşehir has become the focus of attention of many investors around the world, and the region has become more developed on the economic and real estate levels, as real estate sales have increased significantly and unprecedentedly.

Construction companies have turned to it to build many distinguished urban projects and luxury residential complexes, as well as a seven-star hotel, and in the future, the number of shopping centers spread there will increase.

What can be said in this context is that the demand for this region is not only from foreign investors, but also from local ones, and the reason for that is that everyone wants to seize the opportunity and build their project in an important center that contains many international companies. What you do not know is that many companies Al-Alamiya will base its corporate headquarters in that region.

The urban structure of the new center in Istanbul :

According to the competent sources, the new center occupies an area of ​​800,000 square meters and the urban structure, which will be known as, is inspired by traditional Turkish architecture. Topkapi) and the covered market.

The center contains within it a mosque that can accommodate more than ten thousand people at the same time and contains a sports club that can accommodate more than 15 people at the same time, not to mention the many green spaces that it owns, as many gardens are scheduled to be established within it.

It also contains inside it many fountains and decorative stone details, and on the walls there are many important artistic decorations.

The impact of the new financial center on nearby areas :

The biggest impact that this center will impose will be on the real estate side, not only on the area in which it is located, but also on all the surrounding areas, as the demand for it will increase, and real estate prices will record a significant increase. Below we will briefly talk about the most important of them:

Kartal :

The new financial center in Istanbul will have a positive impact on the Kartal region, as the center will provide new jobs and investments for the region, and will help revitalize the local economy. The center will also help improve infrastructure and attract more companies to the region. This will be a great boost for the region and will also help improve the quality of life for the residents.

Maltepe :

The new financial center in Istanbul will have a positive impact on Maltepe's economy. The financial center will also create new jobs and bring more investment to the city. It will also help diversify its economy, making it less dependent on tourism.

Kadikoy :

Kadikoy is now known as a place where people can come to work and live and the new financial center has brought new jobs and investments to it and has also made it a more desirable place to live. The new financial center is helping to revitalize Kadikoy and make it a better place to live and work.

Çekmeköy :

 The number of people working in the financial sector has increased dramatically, and the area has become a hub for business and investment. The area is also home to several major banks and financial institutions in the city.

The new financial center has a positive impact on the local economy, as it creates job opportunities and new business opportunities. It also helps in improving the infrastructure and services in the area. The increased investment benefits the residents and makes it a more attractive place to live and work.

The Turkish government does not hesitate to put forward more strategic projects in the country, as it is well aware of their importance, advantages, and their impact on the Turkish reality in general, on the investment and economic situation, and others.

You can follow our website constantly in order to see the most important topics related to the Turkish real estate market or other special topics that are related to it, such as infrastructure projects or the most important laws and updates issued by the official authorities.

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