Ready to move Property in Istanbul or Under Construction ?


The Turkish real estate market especially in Istanbul provides a large number of new projects that contain under construction projects in various regions and that a section of these projects has been delivered a batch of which increases in Percentage of ready real estate offers.


We always guide our customers to the choices best suited to their needs

They ask for advice which is better to buy a ready to move property or under construction property in Istanbul


Well, we are here not to recommend one of the two options at the expense of the other, but to show you how to know which suits you the most and therefore you can choose

Easily between owning a ready property or a property under construction in Istanbul.



Why buy a ready property in Istanbul?


1. You can move to your property immediately.

2. When you go to a ready to move property in Istanbul, what you see is what you will buy.

3. In ready real estate, payment is in cash and payment is rarely available in installments.

4. Ready property The price is higher than the property under construction.



Why buy a property under construction in Istanbul?


1. The under construction property is recommended for those wishing to invest because of the investment value is increasing over time and progress in every stages of the construction.

2. When looking at properties under construction you will find more options in terms of location, floor, area and view, as you can make adjustments that suit you.

3. The price of the property under construction is cheaper than the ready property, and offers more possibility of installments with flexible payment plans with higher rates of discount on cash payment, especially at the first stages of construction where construction companies offer more distinctive offers.

4. The above factors help in raising the value of the property under construction in case of wanting to resell it later.

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