Real Estate Investment Returns in Turkey

The main goal of real estate investment in Turkey is the desire to obtain high profits, increase and preserve capital, but how can this end be achieved? What are the most important methods of real estate investment in Turkey? In this article, we will be with you in a detailed report on all the information that interests you about the returns that can be obtained through real estate investment, and many important details that answer most of your questions will be indicated.

How to invest in real estate in Turkey?

In fact, there are many investment ideas that you can follow to obtain consistently high profits and returns, and through the following paragraphs, you can view them in detail:

1 - Real estate rental:

One of the common ideas about real estate investment in Turkey is to buy and rent real estate in order to obtain high returns and profits per month and constantly, especially in the peak seasons that witness a lot of tourist turnout or foreign influx, and it should be noted that the percentage of rents obtained is not stable but increasing constantly with the high demand for it and the increase in its price.

2- Selling real estate:

One of the most important investment ideas that can be applied in the current period is to sell the property again after buying it at a higher price, and this allows you to take advantage of the price difference that will result between the buying and selling stages.
This period is the best for implementing this investment idea, as according to real estate experts and locals, the coming period is expected to record a lot of rise and thus achieve the equation that says it is necessary to buy when prices are low or appropriate and sell when prices rise.

3- developing the real estate:

Many real estate investors in the world choose the idea of ​​real estate development, and its meaning is to buy an old or expendable property and then carry out a lot of maintenance, restoration and repair work, so that the properties can be rented out easily later and benefit from the return that it will provide or can be sold after a period of time, i.e. when prices rise .

4- Commercial real estate:

Since Turkey is one of the most important tourist countries in the world, it is feasible to invest in commercial real estate, as the need for it is great, especially in light of the high population density that Turkey is witnessing.

Does real estate investment in Turkey offer you profits?

This is what will come to your mind firstly, is this an appropriate step and will lead its owner to obtain a lot of profits?
According to reports issued by the Turkish Statistics Authority, there is a great and unprecedented demand for the real estate market in Turkey, and the main purpose behind this is real estate investment.
Over time, it has been found that investing in real estate is one of the best types of investment ever, and the reason for this is that:
-Real estate does not lose its value, but rather preserves it for a long time.
-Real estate prices cannot remain constant, but rather increase and are constantly rising.
-Real estate investment is completely safe and is not affected by risks or economic or political crises.
Also, according to statistics, one of the most important affirmations that indicate that real estate investment in Turkey is a right idea is the high population density and the population that is increasing day by day, which creates a great demand for buying and renting real estate.
One of the important pieces of information that must be noted is that the safeness that characterizes real estate investment in Turkey is that real estate is the thing that can never be cut off from the need for it at all. Real estate prices may drop a little at a time and the investor thinks that he is about to fall into losses, but soon finds that they have regained their value.

Factors determining returns from real estate investment:

There are many indications that indicate the amount of returns that you will get through the real estate investment that you will initiate, and through the following paragraph you can view them:
1 - The location of the property, where the more distinguished it is, this contributes to a great demand for the property, and therefore it will be easy to obtain high profits in a record period. According to many real estate experts and specialists, one of the first steps for the success of any investment is (the location, then the location, then the location).
2 - The view, where you should look for distinction, such as the sea view, the forest view, or other distinctive views, while the view of the ordinary streets is less expensive.
3 - In order to get an excellent return on real estate investment in Turkey, you must choose newly built properties, as these are constantly increasing in price and are more popular than others.
 4 - It is recommended to choose a property with a small or medium area because the demand for this type of real estate is greater than the demand for large-sized properties, and if you want to sell in the future, you will not find this difficult at all.
5 - Choose areas near major strategic projects such as airports, bridges, public transportation, or other important infrastructure projects, because this will ensure that prices rise significantly and continuously.
6 - The property must be consistent in terms of area, distribution of rooms and the number of balconies.
7 - You must see the legal status of the property. Are there any problems arising from it, such as seizure, mortgage or some inheritance problems, as this makes it unsuitable for investment and obtaining a high profit, as it is difficult to resell in the future when you want to do so.
8 - You should see all forms of real estate fraud that you could be a victim of as a result of your lack of experience and knowledge of the dimensions of the real estate market in Turkey and therefore you will have paid the money in the wrong place, one of the most important forms of real estate fraud is to delude the buyer that the property is suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship or that it is suitable for real estate investment, or the requested price of the property may be higher than it is worth.

Suitable properties for real estate investment in Turkey:

The real estate market in Turkey is witnessing a lot of diversity, and from this point of view, you should see the most important types of properties suitable for real estate investment in Turkey, here are the full details:
First: The apartments of residential complexes are the ideal choice for real estate investment, as the demand for them is very big, and this, according to the Turkish Statistics Authority, is not in vain, but rather a natural result of the many advantages that can be obtained through them, such as: sauna - Turkish bath - green spaces and parks - the distinctive strategic location within the city - sometimes the sea view or the forest at other times - high-end modern designs - and as for the prices of apartments in residential complexes, they are considered very high compared to other prices of other real estate.
Second: One of the important types of apartments in Turkey is (hotel apartments), which are considered a suitable real estate investment, especially during the tourist seasons, where there is a great tourist and foreign turnout, as it guarantees them a high-end and luxurious stay.
Third: It is possible to invest in commercial real estate, as its prices are high and provide its owners with high and rewarding returns, especially during peak seasons.
Fourth: Residential apartments close to tourist attractions, as the demand for them increases during the tourist seasons. This type of apartments constantly and periodically rises in price.

The importance of investing in real estate in Turkey:

There are a number of reasons and motives that encourage real estate investment in Turkey, which motivated it to attract millions of people from different countries of the world, and the following are the most important points and explanations about that:
1 - If the property specifications conform to the conditions for obtaining a real estate residency, you can apply for it (the price of the property must be at least 75,000 US dollars + that the property is intended for housing + that the property is not located in a security or military area).
The importance of this type of residency cannot be overlooked as it is considered the most important in terms of easiness of obtaining and the possibility of renewal as long as the foreigner is the owner of the property.
2 - One of the most important reasons that encourages a foreigner to buy real estate in Turkey is the desire to obtain Turkish citizenship. Therefore, there is a lot of search for real estate that meets the conditions for obtaining it, that is, the price is at least 400 thousand dollars.
3 - As we have already mentioned, the profits that can be obtained from investing in real estate in Turkey are guaranteed and high, especially from expectations that confirm the rise in prices.
4 - In this context, it is important to know that real estate prices in Turkey are considered low compared to real estate prices in other countries such as Europe / America / Arab countries and others. The reason for this is that the Turkish government follows all the details and processes of the real estate market and the real estate appraisal document that determines the price of the property accurately and prevents any tampering.
5 - The Turkish government did not hesitate to provide all the facilities needed by real estate investors or those looking for real estate for sale in Turkey, where tax cuts - encouraging advantages - exemption from value added tax for those who buy for the first time and many more.
6 - The great diversity that meets the different tastes and desires without restrictions and allowing the foreigner to buy what he likes of real estate with adherence to some conditions only.

What are the conditions for real estate investment in Turkey?

Although Turkey is one of the easiest countries in the world to invest in real estate, there are a number of conditions that must be adhered to, namely:
- A foreigner can own more than 30 hectares in various parts of Turkey.
-It is not possible to buy a property in an area where the real estate property of foreigners exceeds 10%, as the Directorate of Land Registry issues a decision preventing them from granting licenses.
-Various foreigners are allowed to buy real estate in Turkey with the exception of only five who are Syria - Armenia - Cuba - North Korea - Greek Cyprus for political reasons and old agreements.
-Foreigners cannot buy real estate in security or military areas.

How to start investing in real estate in Turkey?

To properly start your real estate investment in Turkey, there are many things that you must do and abide by:
First: You must use a real estate company with experience, fame and good reputation in the real estate market in Turkey in order to provide you with the assistance you need and provide you with the right properties without having to search for yourself in a random, unorganized way or making the wrong choice as a result of your lack of knowledge of the details Turkish real estate market.
What you do not know in this context is that important real estate companies have excellent relationships with many construction companies in Turkey and therefore it is easy to provide you with the right choice at a good price, and they also guarantee you a high discount.
Second: If you do not have enough money to buy real estate in Turkey and pay in cash, you can buy in installments with many important offers that construction companies are keen to present to their customers constantly, and therefore you will not have to face any financial pressures or resort to borrowing.
Third: You must determine the appropriate city for you and then study its details and the areas in it and see the advantages of each one.
Fourth: You must obtain a study on the real estate market in Turkey to see its investment future. Will the prices rise? Will there be more real estate or infrastructure projects? All of this affects the success of your project.
Fifth: You must study your financial balance so as not to be surprised by costs that you didn't consider.
Do you have any other questions about real estate investment in Turkey or the returns associated with it? You just have to contact our experts and consultants to provide you with the help you need, and do not forget to visit our website, which contains many topics that are important to you and you will find an answer to your various questions.

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