Turkey ends coronavirus lockdown in 4 Stages



After the recovery of more than 120 thousand Corona virus cases in Turkey, and the impressive success that the Turkish government has accomplish in dealing with the crisis at all medical, economic, and service levels.

Finally, life started to back into normal after the quarantine, and the ban measures that were taken in the previous period of the market closure, and most of the productive sectors.

The First Stage:
It was the week before Eid Al Fitr where shopping malls and barbers were opened while maintaining travel bans between Turkish states.

The Second Stage:
It is the period that will begin after Eid Al-Fitr and will continue until the end of August, as the movement will be permitted between Turkish cities and states without the need to take the viceroy permission which was required in the previous stages.

Domestic flights will open and domestic tourism will start.

Foreign aviation will gradually open with coordination with the countries which will receive and send flights, as Turkish Airlines announced that they will start operating the international flights starting from 10th June to some countries.

The Third Stage:
It will start in July until the end of 2020, schools will be opened in all Turkish states, and all government departments will back to work again as at previous stages the percentage of employees in it does not exceed 40% of the total.

The Forth Stage:
It will start at the beginning of next year 2021, and continue until further notice as the adoption of this stage comes primarily on the international race to find a vaccine for the virus, so the decisions of this stage will be dependent on the latest developments in that period.

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