Turkish Passport Rank, Its Strength and how to Obtain the Turkish Passport


Turkey's distinctive position among the whole world gave it strength and advantages to the Turkish passport. The question of how to obtain Turkish citizenship has become the focus of attention for everyone who settled within its land or willing to invest in it. The Turkish government responds to this question with a wide range of aperient measures that have helped in the prosperity of many sectors within it. Especially the real estate investment sector that obtains the largest share of the decisions and facilities it includes.


The Rank and Strength of the Turkish Passport:

There is no doubt that the strength and advantages of the Turkish passport have made it the focus of the attention of many foreign investors within its territory. The Turkish passport was evaluated in 2021, ranking 22nd in the world. This is due to the large number of countries that allow its holder to enter their territories.

When you have a Turkish passport, you will be able to enter 55 countries around the world without a visa. And provide entry to 43 countries by e-visa or visa on arrival issued easily upon arrival to the host country.

All this, and we have not yet mentioned the expected rise in the passport's assessment over the next few months. This is a result of the government-led reforms internally and its attempt to consolidate relations at the international level with many countries. Such as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Egypt at the middle east level. Iran, Russia, and China at the global level. In addition to its strict precautionary health measures and vaccination campaigns that have launched across the country. For Turkish citizens to be safe from the Coronavirus.


Turkish Passport and Europe:

It is also expected that during the next stage, Turkey will enter the European Union, which will enable Turkish passport holders to move within Europe without any visa. The negotiations, which extended over years, are still ongoing, and all signs indicate that Turkey is close to achieve its goal of joining the European Union. Even when Turkey joined the European Union, the application for a Schengen visa and the acceptance rate for Turkish passport holders is high with 91%, according to the official website of the Schengen Visa statistics, increasing the number of countries that a Turkish passport holder can visit easily to 126 countries.


Obtaining Turkish Citizenship:

Since 2000, Turkey has been on upward trends at all levels and sectors, which made it a sovereign country among the major countries. In addition to its strategic geographical location, it is the link between the old continent (European continent) and Asia. In addition to the huge foreign investments and government's efforts in supporting the average income of the citizen and improving the standard of living as well.

Among the measures taken by the government, Turkey made facilities foreign investors. In addition to the ease of procedures that can be followed, which enables the investor to obtain Turkish citizenship in the end. Turkey becomes the first option to foreign investors from around the world.


Advantages of Turkish Citizenship:

  • Turkish passport is renewed only once every ten years.
  • Benefiting from the advantages available to Turkish citizens, such as health insurance, free education, and work within a system that protects the rights of employees.
  • The right to vote, to run for office, and to practice political and civil rights.
  • The right to maintain the original nationality, thus holding a dual nationality for the citizen.
  • You have a passport that ranks among the top 25 in the world.
  • Entry to many countries might be difficult or impossible to enter with your original nationality.



How to Obtain Turkish Citizenship:

In 2018, and due to the large immigration movement that Turkey witnessed from neighboring countries, the situation was tense. Several decisions have been issued that enable the foreign community to obtain Turkish citizenship. These decisions also include foreign investors, especially in the field of real estate investment. According to this decision, the investor can obtain Turkish citizenship when owning a property or multiple properties worth up to $ 250 thousand US dollars only. So that the individual can apply for Turkish citizenship directly after buying the property and the possibility of obtaining it within a short period of three months only. This decision is considered a unique opportunity to obtain a strong passport-like Turkish citizenship. Previously, the amount was one million US dollars, and the value was reduced by 75% to reach $ 250 thousand US dollars, which did not occur in any other of the twenty developed countries.

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