Apartments for Sale in Turkey With Sea View

Recently, the competition between the various Turkish construction companies has increased significantly in order to complete more real estate projects with distinctive waterfronts due to the high demand for buying apartments for sale in Turkey with sea views, and for their great importance, we found it obligatory for us to talk about it through this article.

The importance of buying apartments for sale in Turkey by the sea:

Many investors want to buy apartment with a distinctive sea view, due to its high - quality properties and services, the most important of which are:

First: Suitable for real estate investment in Turkey:

The real reason behind buying it is that it is suitable for investment and makes abundant profits if you want to sell it after a period of time, specifically when its price rises significantly, and we note the necessity of monitoring the real estate marketconditions in Turkey to be aware of when prices rise.

Second: Many people wish to take it as their headquarters:

Offering sea-view apartments for rent is the best way to financially benefit from these apartments, as their picturesque views made them more preferred by their families, as local residents and foreign tourists come to them during summer vacation or holiday times, and some of them use them to hold parties, which makes rental prices always high, and you can also raise the price of the property if you provide it with elegant furniture and also provide all amenities for the customer.

third: Enjoying the sea view:

Many people and investors buy this type of real estate to enjoy the supervising view of the blue sea, which causes psychological comfort and positive energy. We find that retirees and the elderly live in them, wanting to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

Fourth: A good vital environment:

The coastal areas, especially the apartments with a charming sea view, attract many foreign investors and local residents as well. In addition, it is characterized by the vital facilities that provide psychological comfort and tranquility that other residential areas lack, as there are active and thriving activities near the sea, for example, clothing and seafood and antiques and many more.

Is investing in real estate overlooking the sea profitable?

Certainly, the process of buying apartments for sale in Turkey with a sea view is successful and makes a high financial return and within a somewhat high level, in light of the continuous and significant growth, as we know real estate projects and investment in the real estate sector have achieved profits for investors, which continued at an accelerating pace over the years From the past to the present day, due to the diversity of real estate, its quality and its global status in its origin, design, strategic location and many more. 

Prices of apartments for sale in Turkey by the sea:

Apartments for sale in Turkey with a sea view are not high, but in fact they are considered low, and this will become clear to you when you compare them with their counterparts in the European Union, despite the beauty of the view enjoyed by the tenant or the owner of the apartment, in addition to many other advantages that we mentioned it to you above, but if we want to talk in particular, we will find that it varies from one property to another depending on the extent of the luxury of the view and the position of the area in which it is located and the demand for it, whether by local residents or by foreign tourists, in addition to the space that has an important role in this matter and many other factors that determine the prices of apartments for sale in Turkey overlooking the sea.

Factors affecting prices of the property overlooking the sea:

It is natural that there are some factors that have positively affected the prices of apartments for sale in Turkey overlooking the sea. We are pleased to present some of these factors to you within the following lines:

 First- Classification of the property:

The type of property varies according to the need and desire of the buyer. The price of a residential apartment with a sea view is definitely different from the price of a villa or agricultural land overlooking the sea, as each of them is distinguished with certain characteristics that give the property different characteristics from the other according to the buyer’s request.

Second: The condition of the property:

When we talk about the condition of the property, we mean by it is it old or under construction. If you own a previously used apartment, it may contain defects that the buyer cannot pay attention to and then spend exorbitant amounts of money for repairing and renovating them. After thinking carefully, we will find that buying an apartment under construction is better because of its rather low price compared to new apartments. Moreover, real estate investment in old apartments may turn into success if real estate prices rise.

Third: The facilities of the property:

These are the facilities included in the property, for example, fitness halls, swimming pools, playgrounds, gardens, car parks, security protection, meeting rooms and reception halls, as all of them without exception increases their price compared to the property that contains some of them or does not contain any.

Fourth: The advanced infrastructure of the real estate:

Significantly affect the price of the property, as the sewage, plumbing and heating equipment, electricity installations, optical fibers and floor covering materials have an important role in raising the financial value of the property.

Fifth: The real estate area:

The larger the real estate space in Turkey, the lower its price in terms of square meters, but in general, the larger the real estate space, the higher its price.

Sixth: The financial return on the property:

It is of great importance in determining the price, as the housing complex with service facilities is completely different from a residential complex that does not have these features. The expenses of gardens, gyms, outdoor lighting, elevator, swimming pools and many other important facilities also play an important role in determining the value of the monthly returns that accrue to the entire residential complex. These revenues are paid by the property owner to the management of the housing complex on a monthly basis.

Seventh: The interior and exterior finishes of the property:

The external appearance of the property is an important factor in raising its price, as it depends on the type of materials that will cover the apartment from the outside, as the price of the property with high finishes is very high, for example, super deluxe finishes, as the apartment is of the highest degree of luxury that are rare in the rest of the apartments and finishes with glass and ornate facades with a charming appearance. As for the interior finishes, they reflect the final touches on the apartments, such as decorations, lighting, floors, walls, and painting works, as well as building materials and other building supplies. If they are of high quality, the price of the property will rise and vice versa.

Types of apartments for sale in Turkey by the sea:

There are many types of apartments for sale in Turkey. We will highlight some of them below:

First: the penthouse apartments:

It is considered one of the luxury apartments as it occupies high floors and is often located on the last floor of high-rise buildings. Its main idea is that its external walls on its four sides are made of glass, and thus it can provide the residents living in it with a giant panoramic atmosphere of the entire city from high altitudes, as well as it extends over an entire floor of the building, as it is one of the most distinguished types of apartments for sale in Turkey and attracts investors and luxury housing seekers because it is located near the sea. Its large areas exceeded the spaces of other ordinary apartments, and Turkish cities compete for it to develop the splendor of its sea views and provide it with the best interior kitchens, marble floors as well, luxurious wooden decorations and many more, and its price is kind of exorbitant compared to the prices of apartments for sale in Turkey of a normal character.

Second: Hotel apartments:

It is very preferred by many who aspire to enjoy charming nature, to mention but not limited to the blue Bosphorus waters and the green Trabzon Mountains as well as the Bassa waterfalls and many areas with tourist attractions and monuments that enjoy the charming atmosphere and moderate climate in summer and winter, which makes investing in the tourism sector a profitable option. Also, this type of apartment is widely available in Turkey, and considered the best option for expatriate families for temporary housing and even stability.

Third: Villas:

When looking for the elegance and beauty of apartments for sale in Turkey, we have no suggestion for you other than the villas, as they are distinguished by their amazing design, wide area and innovative equipment as well, and when we talk about their prices, we will find them varied according to the services they provide and the locations they enjoy, but in general we will find them high when compared to other real estate..

Fourth: Apartments of residential complexes:

It is considered the most sought-after and attractive real estate for everyone because of its designs in accordance with international quality standards. It is considered resistant to earthquakes and all natural disasters, as well as through the use of the best types of building materials, as we spoke previously that it has an increase in investors from all over the world that led to the establishment of competition between construction companies in order to provide more high-end and distinctive specifications in order to attract attention , and it inevitably enjoys a strategic geographical location and charming views that may be on a lake or forests, and is provided with all the needs of the residents residing there such as playgrounds, Turkish bath, steam rooms, walking paths and children's play areas. They are also provided with all the residents' security needs, for example surveillance cameras, alarms and security guards at all external gates. As for their prices, they are considered somewhat expensive.

Where can I find apartments overlooking sea in Turkey?

Some foreign investors find it difficult to choose the area adjacent to the sea to be suitable for real estate investment, and these areas include the following:

First - Kartal region:

Kartal is located on the Asian side of Istanbul along the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara. The distinguished strategic location has greatly increased the value and importance of Kartal real estate, and thus contributed to attracting more Arab and foreign investors, as the real estate projects that are currently under construction, whether for housing and stability or to enter the real estate investment sector in Istanbul. Kartal is also one of the most upscale and modern areas and is one of the most active areas in the city with regard to the real estate market, where it has recently witnessed great competition among the major real estate companies in Turkey with the launch of giant projects.

Kartal has a strong transportation network linking it to all areas of Istanbul, where the E5 road passes through the main road leading to the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and the Bosphorus Bridge, in addition to a metro station located on the Kadiköy line and the express train between Istanbul and Ankara.

Second - Ataköy region:

The luxurious Ataköy district is located in the European side of Istanbul overlooking the Marmara Sea and surrounded by a distinguished series of service facilities, as it is located in close proximity to the vital E5 road, which was built by the Bos metro line for buses, in addition to public transport lines that greatly facilitate transportation and access to the specified destination in a short period, as well as the development and modernity of residential projects, commercial centers, hotels, shopping places and luxury restaurants, which give the region high investment opportunities as it is witnessing a huge urban development.

Today, the Ataköy region is an important investment destination, benefiting from the future real estate guarantee imposed by the vitality and activity of the region due to its proximity to the most important service facilities such as schools, and the educational stages in it include kindergarten, primary and preparatory stages, as well as divided into public and private schools and kindergartens, and the region does not lack universities, as it has a number of public universities, except for the surrounding ones, the most famous of which is Istanbul University.

Third - Arnavutköy District:

This promising region owns one of the distinctive coastlines on the Black Sea, with a length of 22 km, and restaurants, cafes and tourist hotels are spread on its shores, which are famous for the marine dishes of the turbot, and many tourists who love delicious food come to taste it.

The investment in Arnavutköy is considered one of the most successful investments in Istanbul because the region is witnessing a huge urban renewal through the construction of modern complexes and high-level apartments. In the past few years, the industrial development has accelerated and it has been provided with important facilities, not only that, but its apartments combine a variety of specifications. At the same time, you will see some old and famous houses that still retain their ancient history and some apartments that combine the heritage of the past and the development of the present, which made them one of the best apartments for sale in Turkey.

Fourth - Uskudar Region:

What supports your decision to invest in that area is that it is equipped with a developed network of transportation and public transport, which made it connected with all parts of the city. Also, moving within the area from one place to another became very easy, and this therefore leads to a rise in real estate prices in it and increases the value of real estate investment in it.

What made this region distinguished from other areas of Istanbul is that it is rich in service facilities, especially schools and universities, which are distributed between government and private, in addition to the important universities to which Turkish and foreign students flock from everywhere to join them, as well as the case at the medical level, as Uskudar contains a number of health and medical centers, hospitals and clinics, which contributed to meeting all the requirements and desires of the population, and even on the tourism level, it is considered a competitive area as it is visited by tourists from all parts of the world because it contains many monuments such as the Çamlıca Mosque, which has the largest area among mosques.

Advantages of buying a property in Turkey through ist Homes Real Estate company:

One of the leading companies in the field ofreal estate investment in Turkey. We have extensive experience in the Turkish real estate market and are connected to the best residential complex constructioncompanies in Turkey.

We offer our customers a wide range of:
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If you want to buy apartments for sale in Turkey, it is actually one of the best types of good investment now and in the future with profitable returns, especially if it enjoys an attractive sea view.

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