Most relevant questions about Turkish nationality for 2021  

Obtaining citizenship in Turkey is the best if it compared to other countries with the same category because of the easy and flexible laws on the subject of Turkish citizenship, in this article we will address the most common questions across the minds of readers on this subject, so follow us to the end of this article to get a clear picture and answers

 to the most important questions related to this year.

Q1: What are the best ways in which a non-Turkish citizen can obtain Turkish citizenship?

There are several ways to obtain Turkish citizenship, those ways can be considered as: by purchasing a property in Turkey, obtaining a work permit or residing in Turkey for five consecutive years, or even by marrying a Turkish citizen.

Q2: What is the required value in theproperty to be eligible for Turkish citizenship through it?

If the property is purchased from 12-1-2017 until 18-09-2018, it must be worth    US$1,000,000, but if the property is purchased after that date, it must be worth US$250,000.      

Q3: What is the most important features required in the property to be eligible for citizenship:

The property must have a report evaluating the value of the property certified by institutions accredited to the Turkish government, but the date of preparing the report should not exceed 3 months from the date of application, which is considered valid until the end of the procedures for applying for citizenship.   The value of the property registered in the administration of the Land Registrymust be identical to the value of the assessment decision, otherwise, the property will be refused for the procedure of obtaining citizenship.

Q4: What is the mechanism of payment for a property that can be eligible for Turkish citizenship?

The value of the property will be paid in a bank transfer manner so that all these transfers are documented and issued from the buyer's account to the seller's account, and when the payment of the property is completed, transfer receipts that prove the bank transfers between the seller and the buyer will be requested.

Q5: What are the qualities required in the seller of the property to be suitable for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

The property must be purchased from a Turkish person or a Turkish real estate company, so real estate purchased from foreigners does not entitle the owner to obtain citizenship.

Q6: What are the most important conditions imposed on the property that is approved in the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship?

The property cannot be sold for three years after the date of purchase, with a pledge written and registered in the administration of Land Registry on this item,

The property cannot be resold to the original owner even after the three years have passed because it is considered a fraud by law.

It is forbidden to use the same property more than once in the process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing it, and the recycling of the property to obtain naturalization is not allowed, in which the owner of the property who obtained citizenship through it will manage to sell it to another person and then this person will sell it again to another investor who has the same nationality of the first owner of the property.

                   أهم الاسئلة عن الجنسية التركية لعام 2021

Q7: What are the most important advantages of obtaining Turkish citizenship by purchasing the property?  

One of the most important advantages of obtaining citizenship through the property is that the wife and children under the age of 18 will obtain Turkish citizenship if their files are submitted with the same file to the owner of the property and if the investor has obtained citizenship after the age of 22, he will be exempted from military service in Turkey,  and the investor can retain his basic nationality as no requirement includes waiving basic citizenship in exchange for Turkish one.

Q8: How long does it take to obtain Turkish citizenship?

The estimated time for completing the Turkish citizenship procedures, which is estimated at 45 days, is the period in which the transaction procedures are carried out, starting from the delivery of official papers to the Turkish government until they are signed by the President of the Republic, who has the authority to approve granting Turkish citizenship.

Q9: Is it possible to buy a property in installments to apply for Turkish citizenship?

Only the paid amounts will be calculated from the value of the property, and in the event of installments or a mortgage, the unpaid amounts will not be calculated. Therefore, the value of the paid installments must exceed 250 thousand dollars to be able to apply for Turkish citizenship in exchange for a property purchased in installments.

Q10: Can a holder of Syrian citizenship obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment?

Since the Syrian citizenship holders cannot own real estate in Turkey at present, therefore, the Syrian cannot obtain Turkish citizenship in exchange for a real estate investment, but other options mentioned in this law can be used to obtain Turkish citizenship, which is:

-A fixed investment of at least $500,000.

-Providing job opportunities for at least 50 Turkish citizens.

-Deposit in Turkish banks of at least $500,000.

Q11: Is it possible to use an agency or agent to assist in the procedures for obtaining Turkish citizenship?

Yes, a legal agent can be used to take the necessary legal advice and assist in the application. In some cases, the agent alone can carry out all the procedures for obtaining citizenship (such as applying for citizenship by purchasing a property).

In this article we have tried to answer the most common questions related to the issue of obtaining Turkish citizenship in terms of ways to obtain it and what mechanism is used to obtain it, then we discussed the most important conditions and advantages for obtaining Turkish citizenship, especially through real estate investment, so, do you think it is time for you to invest real estate in Turkey to obtain citizenship?

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