Turkish Citizenship And it Advantages for Foreign Investors


On 19/September/2018, the Turkish government announced by amending a law related to foreign investment in its lands, and this law provided on granting the Turkish citizenship to every foreigner who fulfills one of the following conditions:

- Buy a properties worth’s 250,000$ instead of 1,000,000$ which is the old minimum price for properties that grant its owner the Turkish citizenship, and keep the property at least for 3 years.

- Depositing 500,000$ in a Turkish bank and leave the money there for at least 3 years.

- Establish a company with 50 Turkish employees in it, instead of 100 Turkish employees.

As we can see since real estate investment is the most successful and profitable method for its owner to gain the Turkish citizenship so a lot of people from around the world since that day until now came to Turkey to buy properties for their investment profit and to gain the citizenship, in addition to Turkish society traditions which is very similar to Arab society traditions, and that provides for them a suitable conditions for living and stability.

But what are the Turkish citizenship advantages?


- Obtain the Turkish passport which is ranked 42 in the world so it is one of the best and strongest passports where its owner can travel and move between 121 countries, 70 of these countries without visa as Japan, Indonesia, and Korea.
Others give visa upon arrival to the country airport as Bahrain, Kuwait, and there is some countries that you can apply for its visa online and you will take it easily.

- The health insurance which provides its owner the free treatments in all government hospitals, and reduced prices in private hospitals.

- The job opportunities are much more for a foreigner who has the Turkish citizenship because he doesn't need a work permit which allows him to work freely in all work sectors.
Even if he was a Doctor, he has the right to work and open his own clinic.

- The chance of take advantage from scholarships and educational opportunities in the public or private Turkish schools and universities which is characterized by its education quality, and its high rating in the world, so that the Turkish citizenship holder can find for his children a multiple choices of international universities and schools with different curricula and low prices.

- The Turkish citizenship is an important motivator for any foreign business owner in Turkey, it exempt him from some complicated conditions of business establish, and it make him obtain all the legal papers and transactions related to his company easier and faster.
Also, the Turkish citizenship gives its holder the ability to take benefits from loans, and investment grants.

- The holder of the Turkish citizenship can give it to his/her partner, and children under 18 years old.
The children who are above 18 years old can have the citizenship only by applying separately through investing in real estate or they can have residency.
Except Egyptians, they can give the Turkish citizenship through their real estate investment to their children under 21 years old which is related to the laws of their country.

- The Turkish citizenship holder doesn't lose his main nationality, and he will still have the same rights in his own country.


For now, Turkey is a stable country in it's region with an investment conditions easier than some other European countries, it gives you the ability to take the citizenship by investments, and benefit from its advantages.
It is also a profitable business because you are investing your money in real estate which will return benefit to you during 3 years, after that you can sell your properties and maintain the Turkish citizenship.
Therefore, the Turkish Government always work on amends laws according to its interest, and its investors interest to become one of the top 10 economic countries in the world in 2023.



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