The Most Expensive and Luxury Istanbul Real Estate



The Most Expensive and Luxurious Apartments ın Istanbul 

In a search for the most luxurious projects in Istanbul, we have reviewed the fanciest and finest projects available, apartments with international standards and unique specifications. As usual, the luxurious comes with higher prices. In this article, we will review the most expensive apartments and compare their prices (the prices mentioned in this article are approximate and vary according to time and exchange rates).


The Most Expensive Residential Real Estate in Istanbul

In recent years, and with the time of the construction development that took place in Istanbul, several projects have been established with different levels of luxury to satisfy the need of all segments of society. With some individuals looking for the top luxury real estate in its most beautiful form, unique projects were built that compete with each other and even with international projects in the quality and luxury lifestyle that provide. With this class of luxury real estate, their prices were the most expensive, as some of them reached very high numbers which we will show in the following.


  1. Yedi Mavi

An elegant project with a luxurious lifestyle and wonderful views in front of the Marmara Sea, where there is a tunnel in the project that allows residents to access the seaside easily. All apartments offer wonderful sea views, finishes at top quality, the price of the largest 4+1 apartment type with an area of 392 square meters is 22 million and 165 thousand Turkish liras, equivalent to 2.7 $ million dollars.


  1. Sea Pearl Istanbul

This project contains direct views of the Marmara Sea, the price for a 5+1 type apartment with a net area of 310 square meters is 25 million Turkish liras, equivalent to 3.1 $ million dollars.


  1. Pruva 34

On the beachside of Bakirkoy district in Istanbul and with panoramic views of the Marmara Sea, there is one of the most expensive apartments in Istanbul, with a gross area of 718 square meters and a net area of 505 square meters. The price of this apartment is 27 million and 500 thousand Turkish liras, equivalent to 3.4 $ million dollars.


  1. Sehrizar Residence

Luxury apartments in a prestigious residential project in the famous Uskudar area on the Asian side of Istanbul, where the price of the 8+1 apartment type with a gross area of 611 square meters and a net area of 510 square meters has reached 32 million Turkish liras, equivalent to 4 $ million dollars.


  1. Quasar Istanbul

This project is located in the Mecidiyekoy area, famous for the quality of the very luxurious finishes, for the 5+1 apartment type which has wonderful views from all the four sides, the price reached 55 million Turkish liras, equivalent to 6.9 $ million dollars.


  1. Nisantasi Koru

A sophisticated complex with a modern design with private infinity swimming pools for its apartments, the project is located in the heart of Istanbul in the ancient Nisantes district, for apartment type 6+1 with a gross area of 665 square meters, the price is 60 million Turkish liras, equivalent to 7.5 $ million dollars.


  1. Sultan Makam Villas

A villa complex that attracts many celebrities and rich people in Turkey, the 9+2 villa type has a net area of 1100 square meters and an amazing Bosphorus view, and with this amount of luxury and impressive scenery, the price of the apartment is 70 million Turkish liras, equivalent to 8.8 $ million dollars.


  1. Zorlu Center

In the Zorlu Center project, which includes the most famous and prestigious mall in Istanbul, which contains the most expensive international brands in addition to the mall, the project has a luxurious residential complex with wonderful city & Bosphorus Bridge views from all sides. The price of the apartment there with a style of 7+1 and a gross area of 750 square meters is 87 million Turkish Lira, equivalent to 10.9 $ million dollars.


  1. Machka Residence

In a luxury apartments within the Matchka residential project with 360-degree panoramic Bosphorus views, the gross area of this apartment is 2000 square meters, and with this big area and special view in addition to the location of the project located in the city center, these factors made this apartment one of the most expensive real estates in Istanbul, where its price reached 120 million Turkish liras, equivalent to 15 $ million dollars.


  1. Levent Sapphire Residence

No wonder that the apartment on the highest tower in Istanbul is on the top list of the most expensive real estate in Istanbul, a tower with outstanding architectural design and charming views of Istanbul from all sides. A tower that includes the most expensive apartment in Istanbul with a net area of 1500 square meters and a price of 220 million Turkish liras, equivalent to 27.5 $ million dollars.

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