Real Estate in Istanbul 2022

So far, the city of Istanbul is still on the top of Turkey's cities, and none of us can underestimate the value of this ancient city, with its advanced infrastructure, and treatment services available in its various regions, as well as the most famous universities in the world that compete with the universities of Europe, and the flock of millions of tourists to it throughout the year, wishing to visit tourist and archaeological sites, in addition to thousands of investors who intend to invest their money due to the modernity of real estate in Istanbul.

Types of real estate in Istanbul:

There is no doubt that Istanbul is a city full of real estate, in which there are millions of huge buildings of all kinds, some of which are average in price, and some are high, and some are low, and the properties in it vary between apartments, duplexes, triplexes, villas, homes, offices, hotel apartments, shops, and many other real estate.
Its properties are distinguished by their unique design, with archaeological and tourist buildings, built with the antique Ottoman style, and some of them are predominantly European.
It is characterized by huge progress in infrastructure and modern transportation, as well as hospitals, places that provide health services, schools, universities and higher institutes, in addition to places for picnics, cafes and restaurants, malls, and markets.
It also owns one of the largest airports in the world, as well as the new waterway, and the Bosphorus Strait that connects its Asian and European sides, making it a painting in its landmarks and facilities that resemble the European style, mixed with great oriental customs and traditions, and thus it was able to combine the culture of the West and the civilization of the East.
There is no doubt that the new real estate laws, and the laws and legislation enacted by the Turkish government that encourage investment and purchase of real estate in Turkey, were the reason why Turkey in general and Istanbul in particular became the destination of all those who wish to obtain Turkish citizenship or a Turkish passport, this is what we will learn in the following lines, so follow us.

Modern Istanbul real estate:

There are many types of real estate in Istanbul, which are as follows:


These apartments are suitable for all buyers due to the diversity of their spaces, prices and designs that suit all tastes and different lifestyles.
The apartments are separate buildings within residential complexes, which are built according to the latest advanced technologies.

-Regular apartments:

These apartments are known to be less luxurious than apartments in residential complexes, despite that, they do not lack benefits or services, as they provide security and cleaning services. As for prices; They differ according to the features, location and view of each apartment, but in general their prices are very reasonable.


They are distinctive apartments located on the high floors, or the last floors of high-rise buildings, and skyscrapers in Turkey.
The basic idea is that the outer walls of the apartment are made of glass on all four sides, so that the residents can enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the entire city.
they also extend over a large area, reaching a full floor of the building, and thus their residents enjoy privacy as there are no neighbors with them on the same floor, and residents enjoy complete freedom, in addition to patterns of luxury, similar to living in a villa.
Penthouses are the type of apartments that attract luxury housing seekers, as they are located in the heart of major cities, and can be reached in five minutes, and are close to restaurants and commercial centers.
It is worth noting that real estate companies compete to add more luxury to the penthouse apartments, where the luxury is represented by a private elevator that differs from the building elevator, and has a private entrance, in addition to a balcony with a terrace and a swimming pool.
In the case of residential towers in which the style of apartments is based on the full floor, where each apartment extends over an entire floor, in this case the penthouse becomes a two-story apartment, and then the entire two floors are allocated to it, so that it becomes distinct from the rest of the apartments in the building.
As for its residents, they can enjoy many of the hotel services that are available in these luxury buildings, where food service is available to the apartment, and laundry services are also available. The building also has a luxury restaurant, and many other hotel services.

-Triplex Apartments:

They are apartments consisting of three floors. The owners of these apartments enjoy greater comfort, and part of them can be allocated to be an office or a gym.
We must point out that the investment of triplex and duplex apartments is the best choice for real estate investment, due to their large area, which can be a medical center, an educational institution or a restaurant.

-Duplex apartments:

This type of apartment is characterized by the fact that it consists of two floors above each other, connected by an internal staircase, as well as its spacious areas that are suitable for families, in addition to providing privacy for its residents. It is possible for the inhabitant to allocate the lower floor for living and the upper floor for bedrooms and bathrooms. It is Suitable for low-income people and people with low budgets.

- Residential towers apartments:

It is clear to us during the recent period that reliance on building towers has increased in Turkey, and these residential complexes have become the ideal choice for many foreigners living in Turkey.
There are also a large number of facilities available in these residential towers, including swimming pools, sports complexes, saunas, restaurants and children's playgrounds.
As well as green spaces and central security, in every tower or apartment building, and a guard watching what is happening in the building.
In addition to having a central ventilation system, it leads to a higher monthly fee compared to other homes in Turkey.

-Studio apartments:

These apartments consist of a room with a bed and a wardrobe, and the last part of it is used as a kitchen, and a living room.
In most cases, this type of apartment is very suitable for unmarried young people who immigrated to Turkey for study and want to live in small and cheap apartments.

-Smart apartments:

When looking for a distinctive property in Turkey, you should have this type of apartment, known as smart apartments, as it began to spread in Turkey a short time ago, as well as being one of the luxury properties with technology and modernity, and you can control everything around you through one button click!
Smart apartments depend on an electronic system connected to all household appliances, and through a special application on the cell phone that you can control, through which you can open and close windows and doors, monitor cameras and room lighting, and many other tasks, making real estate prices of this type high, in order to commensurate with these features available within these apartments.

- Standard apartments:

Standard apartments are one of the types of apartments that are very popular with immigrants, compared to regular apartments, and often this type has more amenities, but in terms of prices, they are more expensive than regular apartments and charge higher monthly fees.
This type is located in an area of ​​thousands of meters, in addition to being protected by central security, which makes it the safest type of housing in Turkey.

-Villas in Turkey:

The villas in Turkey are self-contained units, with two or three floors, intended for families, and characterized by a private garden and swimming pool, surrounded by walls on all sides and with a private entrance.
Independent villas are located within the high-end neighborhoods of residential complexes and are among the least sought-after properties due to their high price.

-Lands in Istanbul:

Buying land in Turkey is a profitable and guaranteed investment, as there are different types of land, which are as follows:
*Public lands: Public lands are considered private lands and public property of the state.
*Residential lands: lands that are used for the construction of buildings, some of which are owned by the state and some are owned by concerned individuals, in addition to the fact that they achieve guaranteed investment returns, in the case that they are considered to be sold in light of the Turkish economic growth.
*Agricultural lands: These lands are used for agricultural purposes, and vary between green lands, wastelands, farms and orchards.

-Industrial real estate:

It is considered a type of real estate popular in Turkey, due to its low cost, as real estate built in remote areas and far from the heart of the city, in addition to the fact that it includes factories, production centers, warehouses and distribution centers, as it provides a stable income for its owner, and it can be rented to achieve profits.

-Luxurious mansions:

Turkey contains a huge number of luxurious palaces, varying in terms of the history of its establishment, which dates back to long periods of time, and there is no doubt that this type of real estate has become undesirable during the recent period to buy it, due to its very high price, but in previous eras the rulers and the sultans build palaces to live in, but in the current era these palaces are used for multiple and useful purposes for anyone who wants to invest in real estate, where large sums of money can be made from renting them to tourists or production companies, to be used in films and series, and there is no doubt that there are many palaces that has been converted into hotels, restaurants and museums.

-commercial real estate:

They are the real estate that has been allocated to establish business, and they are as follows:


It is one of the most important opportunities for private investment, after the establishment of medium and small companies. In addition, it does not need huge places, and it is preferred by foreigners who want to establish their business in Turkey.


Shops are one of the important options for those wishing to invest, due to several reasons, including that they have many specialties, such as barber shops, food stores, women's clothing stores and men's clothing, and it is possible that these stores are within special shopping centers, or be Standalone and directly overlooking the main street.

-Restaurants and cafes:

Restaurants and cafes abound in crowded tourist areas and the heart and city centers, characterized by bringing high profits, especially restaurants serving international, popular and Arabic cuisine.
As well as cafes, which are popular places that attract tourists and Turks.


In the recent period, companies have spread widely and varied between real estate companies, health insurance companies, and import and export companies.
It is possible for these companies to be in one building or independent buildings, depending on the size of the company. There is no doubt that the Turkish government greatly supports these projects, gives foreigners the opportunity to establish their own companies, and provides them with many facilities and legal aid.


It is considered one of the huge projects, which may not be able to be done by only one investor, because it needs funding and a huge budget, so it is necessary to enter into partnerships to ensure the profit of this project, especially in the tourist seasons.

-Educational sectors and schools:

It is a distinctive type of real estate that depends on activities licensed by the Turkish government, and this sector has become one of the most important and best sectors, in addition to being more prevalent in Turkey, due to several reasons, including the presence of kindergartens in these schools.
In addition to the existence of institutes for teaching Arabic, English, Turkish and others, as well as the availability of vocational training courses.

Advantages of buying real estate in Istanbul:

According to the laws and legislation enacted by the Turkish government, focused on the interest of the foreign and Arab investor, there are now many advantages that everyone who buys a property in Istanbul gets, whether the purpose of buying the property is housing or investment.
It has become the right of any foreign person who buys a property in Turkey to obtain Turkish citizenship, and then enjoys all the rights and duties of a Turkish citizen. All he has to do is buy a property for the amount of 400 thousand US dollars.
It is also the right of the foreign property owner to obtain real estate residency, once he obtains the apartment contract.
It is worth noting that the real estate residency is granted to all family members, the wife and children, and the buyer is not required to stay in Turkey throughout the year, but he can go and return every year before the renewal date.
 In addition to the rate that the property owner obtains from the land on which the building is built, and it is according to the percentage of the apartment and its area, with the need to take into account the ratio and proportionality between the number of family members before applying for the family real estate residence, and the area of ​​the apartment.

The best real estate investments in Istanbul:

Real estate investment in Istanbul varies, due to the fact that real estate investments are at the fore among the rest of the investments in Istanbul, due to the availability of several characteristics and advantages,
These advantages enable investors to get better deals, and lower prices, with regard to buying real estate, and the real estate investments that the investor can choose from are varied, which are as follows:
 1- Investing in residential real estate
 It specializes in investing in properties and real estate for housing, such as villas and houses, and is recommended in all cities of Turkey, especially Istanbul.
2- Investing in commercial real estate
Real estate investments in Istanbul are spread in the commercial fields, as they vary between:
- Hotels
 -commercial offices
3- Investing in tourist apartments
In this type of investment, the investor needs to choose the appropriate location for the apartment, so that it is within one of the important tourist sites within the city, which guarantees him high profits.
Hence, we have come to the conclusion of our topic in which we talked about real estate in Istanbul, and we explained to you all these properties, hoping that we have helped you with what we have provided.

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